Wheels-Tires 2015 Mustang owners. Any complaints so far?


Mar 9, 2020
United Kingdom
I've been planning on getting a new car by the end of the year for a while now and I'm starting to strongly consider the 2015 Mustang. GT Premium with Performance Pack and Recaros to be specific. Seems to be the perfect car for me. I'm somewhat concerned about interior quality though. I know the 2015 is a big step up from the previous generation, but even so, I'm kind of worried that it'll still feel subpar compared to my Mercedes. Any other issues that current owners have ran into?
Oh, I just remembered. Thoughts on the Shaker audio? I've heard mixed things.
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Aug 17, 2018
Los Angeles
It's a Mustang bruh. Most of us don't buy these cars for the interior but if that is important to you then you have a ton of import options including your Mercedes. I have a 2017 GT Premium non performance pack with 3:15 gears and stock performance wise I can't be any happier. Just wait until I get a Roush Stage 1 blower on this engine! Also, I have the 12 speaker shaker system. Plenty good enough for me as well. It all comes down to your preferences though. I would suggest test driving a 2015-2017 GT to get the most conclusive experience.