2015 Mustang Standard Feature And Options List

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  1. Just wondering, has Ford released the standard features and options list? Curious on whats gonna be standard equipment and whats gonna be optional in all models.
  2. Everything has been very tight lipped on the 2015. I think it was CJ pony parts had a good recent article on the 2015 but it doesn't list many specifics
  3. Yeah you'd figure that since its getting close to the order banks opening (5/14 i believe, could be wrong) they'd have this stuff out already. Seeing the list will be the difference between me buying one of the few 2014 GT's left on the dealer lots or ordering an S550.
  4. 2015 All the way for me....
  5. Ideally i would like a 2015. Unless the dealer can make me a deal on a 2014 on the lot i cant refuse...plus i dont think Ford would allow dealers to accept X-Plan on a new generation.
  6. Nothing has been released with regards to options and they have pushed the order dates back apparently, I just talked to the rep. we are getting 84Ttops 2015 from today and it looks like there are a few delays. We were hoping to have one by June but its looking more like end of summer early fall at best... The 15' will be pretty on par with the previous model years for performance but it will be fresh sheetmetal and interior if you are into that stuff so might be worth waiting over a 2014....
  7. Maybe..I heard Ford is cutting down the options list so there might be just two packages..Track Package and Tech Package. Well ill just wait till i see the official standard feature and options list.
  8. StangNet blog posted what appears to be the official order guide replete with options today. http://www.stangnet.com/2014/04/29/guide/

    I wish Apple CarPlay was on that options list. I hated Microsoft Sync with my iPhone 4. Ford is apparently a committed partner to begin including it in their vehicles, but I wonder how that will work with their current relationship with Microsoft. Perhaps they are making the Apple switch?
  9. From what i understand Ford is ending thier partnership with Microsoft and is gonna use Blackberry for thier infotainment systems.