2015 Mustang Unmasked... Or Is It?

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  1. I originally thought the bumper was a bit Street Fighter, but now it seems more to me like Roush. I would prefer a cleaner look. No more fake vents.
  2. It looks to me like some sort of fake front end that they slapped/duct taped on there to conceal what's REALLY going on.
  3. There was another thread here about this...but it seems to have disappeared.

    But that front end looks identical to a new Fusion.
  4. Not bad, if this is the real deal. I would love to see the whole car.

    I prefer my '13's retro look, but it has always taken me a few years to warm up to any recent Mustang redesign (SN95, New Edge, S197, 2010 S197 "version 2.0"). The '13-'14 still looks meaner IMO, at least the front view so far.

    Another thing I am not sold on yet is the smaller size. I like the front/rear overhang on the current model. And I even like the current model's ample size, given that I share my commute with a lot of trucks and SUVs.

    I like the rocker moldings and the way they appear to transition into the rear of the car. Of course, those could be tack-ons as well.

    We'll see what the final car looks like, and chances are ten years from now I'll be in an S550, thinking it's the greatest design ever, kind of like I am now with my '13 when I really wasn't sure about the S197 back in 2005.

    It will be interesting to see this car in the metal.
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  5. Totally agree. I remember in high school when I first saw an early rendering of the then upcoming 2005 redesign. I thought I'd never buy a new Mustang.
    These shots do look a little too Fusion-like but it might just be a V6 mule. They're design is usually less aggressive than a GT, GT500, Roush, etc. etc. so who knows. It will be fine.
  6. I'm sure that we're all pretty aware that the REAL front end is inside the wind-tunnel facility.
  7. I will reserve judgment until I see the whole car. It is less of a departure from the current car then I was anticipating.
  8. The front end was basically everything I expected based on the hypothetical renderings I have seen so far, basically the current retro front end with "Fusion" style headlights in place. I do question how much smaller the car is, there is no way the length is 15 inches shorter as some sources report based on those pics, that would almost put the car Mustang II or Scion FR-S sized.
  9. I am absolutely alright with the mustang being smaller. And I am glad they are ditching the retro look and are basing this on the EVOS design language. This could be shaping up to be my favorite one yet.

    Hell I might have to sell the truck and both mustangs for this.
  10. I just hope Ford doesn't screw it up. The 2013 looks perfect from every angle. Why change a good thing? The Porsche 911 looks basically as it did when it first came out. I will keep an open mind however. Greatness generally comes from one man's vision and never a committee of minds.