2015 V6 H-pipe+muffler Delete

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  1. Too raunchy for me.
  2. Cold start for some reason sounds really high pitch. Once the engine warms up it sounds much deeper and better, with less rasp.
  3. I think I saw your vid on youtube. Personally I love the sound from the few ppl that had videos up w/ muffler deletes and rez tips compared to any other exhaust on the 6's. I was going to order Borla 20248 rez tips and run the straight pipes instead of mufflers without touching anything else, did you get a lot of drone? Also did you see any slight power loss or gain in any RPM band? Any lights come on or inspection issues? Just trying to figure out what i'd be getting myself into. I'm sure it probably voids the warranty and i'll have to juice someone to pass inspection but whatever. Thanks!