Expired 2016 Mustang Gt Supercharged; $37,000 8900 Miles- Spring Hill Tn

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  1. 2016 Mustang GT Supercharged 600rwhp 8,400 miles, asking $37,000. Fully loaded from the factory. Manual 6spd, Led lights, 5.0L, 19" 50th anniversary rims, flowmaster exhaust, upgraded fuel system, 2.9L stage 2 whipped supercharger, All done and tuned by DBR performance in Springhill Tennessee. Its Dyno was only at 600whp and it made 780 at the crank but its only running 7 pounds of boost to help with fuel economy and to keep the drivetrain safe from being under stress. The 5.0L Coyote can handle around 800whp from the factory due to forged components. It was only driven to and from work on the interstate, never got a chance to race it so I don't know what times it would put up. This is my dream car but I need a family friendly car. I'm only asking what it is going to cost to pay the car off. I wont take any less considering I spent 15k on the supercharger and upgrades

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