2016 V6 Coupe - Clinking Noise from Underneath


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Oct 28, 2018
Good evening everyone,

I'm new to the forum but have had my car almost a year and a half. I've searched the internet far and wide for answers to this but can't seem to find anything conclusive. Found a couple possible answers in the 2005-09 forum, but figured I'd ask if anyone has had this experience with newer models...

I drive a 2016 V6 coupe (automatic) with 45,000 miles and no mods. Lately I have noticed a very distinct metal *clink* noise coming from underneath the car. It's definitely not a clunk or a thud, but a metal clink/clank noise. It seems to come from the driver's side but it's hard to tell.

It happens at low speeds, about 8-12 mph. Whether accelerating from a stop or decelerating to a stop. And it seems to happen at random, which is making it very hard to diagnose...

Sometimes it happens on bumps, sometimes when turning, sometimes when shifting from 1st - 2nd or down from 2nd to first. But not always, for any of these factors.

I have taken it to two shops, and gotten two possible answers. Neither were certain, and I don't want to dump money in and not fix it.
1. The first tech suspected it could be bad sway-bar links, but couldn't confirm after lifting and inspecting.
2. The second tech didn't hear anything when he drove it, but I did. He put it in the air and said everything is tight on the suspension except for the front passenger side lower control arm, which had a tiny amount of play to it, so I guess I'll give him that. Part: https://parts.ford.com/shop/en/us/chassis-parts/arm-assy-front-suspension-6459179-1

I compiled some recordings and uploaded here:

I have suspected the suspension this whole time but like I said, the 2005-09 thread on a similar issue suggested the possibility of it being missing bolts from the flywheel cover, or broken tire pressure sensor bands.

What do you guys think? It's driving me nuts and has definitely gotten worse/more frequent over time. Any experience with this or insight?

Thanks and regards,
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