2018 GT : Getrag issues


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Jul 19, 2018
Kaukauna WI
Hearing about a lot of issues with the Getrag MT82 that Ford decided to use in the 2018's. The shift fork for 3rd and fourth gear has been breaking. A TSB has finally been sent out. My car shifts fine but I hear a lot of tranny or gear noise especially when I first start the car in the AM in my garage. With the clutch depressed and also while in neutral, as its idling I rev the engine slightly and as it idles down I hear the tranny type noise. It's a gear rattling type of sound. Then as I leave and accelerate I can hear this sound. It goes away when I clutch but returns and can always hear it while driving. Very annoying. So I am asking all you manual guys to listen to your car and let me know if this is common or just an issue with my car.I need some "ammo" to take with me to the dealer or they will just brush me off.
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I Bleed Ford Blue

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Feb 13, 2017
North Olmsted OH
Mine is totally silent, but I have a 17 and even tho it's an MT 82 like yours it doesn't have the aluminum shift forks and it only has one overdrive gear. 5th is 1:1 and 6th is over drive, for 18 they changed it and now 4th is 1:1 and 5th and 6th are both overdrives