2018 mustang gt wiring question


New Member
Feb 10, 2019
fayetteville, nc
I have a 2018 mustang gt. I am trying to install the factory lit pony emblem on the front. it is a direct plug and play for the 2015 to 2017 using the drivers side front marker light. this light should use 12v apparently since it plugged into the factory connector at the marker light. this issue with the 2018 is they changed the lighting connectors to one large connector and the marker light is now included in the led headlight assy. the led pony light is just 2 wires, a black and a red. im hoping to use one of the headlight connector wires since one should be powered when the light comes on. I am trying to find out where to tap into using a suitcase connector to get the 12v when the headlights or service lights are on. I can access the wiring harness at the back on the led headlight assy from the top by removing the radiator cover plastic shield. the pony light is already installed, just need to know the wires to clip into. I only need power when the headlights and or service lights are on. thanks for any assistance.
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