For Sale 2018 Mustang GT350 Calipers front and rear Stock color Grey. 25 miles on them


New Member
Nov 28, 2021
Cleveland Ohio
Good afternoon! I have 4 original calipers from a 2018 Shelby GT350. The reason for changing is because I wanted the red calipers look and I purchased new red calipers from Ford Racing. I have the original calipers for sale and they have 25 miles on them and are perfect. I will ship the original calipers in the boxes I received the red versions.

Price is $700.00 + shipping
Brunswick Ohio (near Cleveland)
Model year is 2018 Shelby GT350
Selling all 4 pcs only I will not break up set of 4
Rear Back of caliper.jpg
Front of rear caliper.jpg
Rear of Front Caliper.jpg
Front of Front Caliper.jpg
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