Expired 20inch Chrome Roush Rims

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  1. I have 2 damaged roush rims and two roush rims that have some curb rash for sale. Asking 800 plus shipping for the set. two two of the rims have the tpms sensor still in them

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  2. $800 bones for set of trashed rims?

    Seriously? :shrug:
  3. They are worth $800 if they were in excellent shape. They are only worth $300 as-is. They need $600 in refurbishment. Hell I only got $800 for a set of 19" HRE wheels that had similar damage.
  4. Id go 300 plus shipping on the two damaged (both should have the tpms sensor still on them) and one with some curb rash around the lip. The 4th rim with curbrash on the lip is on my vehicle still.
  5. From Roush each rim was $450 + shipping.
  6. I'll give you 25 bucks per wheel. Offer is firm.
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  7. So all 4 are damaged?

    I don't get it. That's almost like buying a cell phone, smashing it with a hammer, then selling it on ebay for half price. lol
  8. Each rim you buy from Roush for $450+ isnt bent and curbed to hell.
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  9. Those things are worth their weight in scrap metal. If I bought those and sent them in to the company I've used for wheel work over the years, they'd send them back marked "unrepairable".
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