20x10.5 Rim Fitment Concerns


Mar 9, 2020
Shavertown, PA
Hi all,

Need your input on my current predicament... Got myself what I thought was a great deal on a set of rims but now I’m worried I didn’t ask enough questions and might be in a bind with the fitment.

What I thought I was getting was a staggered 20x9 / 20x10.5 setup because that’s how the rims sell when ordered new but I was buying used and when I got there it was 20x10.5 with a + 15 offset all around, I figured no big deal I’ll just do a square setup all around so I got 4x 295/30/20 PZeros to go with the rims.

I’m on totally stock suspension, not lowered so believed I was good to go but in mocking them up the fronts look like they are going to hit a bolt on the suspension... if the rims don’t hit the bolt then I’m pretty sure the tire will rub against it.

Here’s what I need your help on...
  1. I could grind off some of the bolt to add some clearance
  2. I could go with a smaller tire in the front and assuming that the rim doesn’t hit when the suspension compresses then I wouldn’t be wearing down the rubber
  3. I could add spacers
  4. I could give up, try and recoup my money and buy more sensible rims
I’m not sure if any of these options make sense but right now I’ve got a set of rims and tires taking up space in my garage so I gotta figure something out.
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