22 inch spinnaz dey dont stop yo!!! >>> You're gonna die laughin.....

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  1. To put it simply.....

  2. I think you're trying too hard on this man, it's just a status symbol to most of em. They want people to think hey look its da big man rollin on dubs. If you know that too(i bet), I give up cause I just want to laugh at them, not think about why they do it, heheh.
  3. Basicly size does matter LOL

    Why do hot roders try to squeeze the biggest badest motor inbetween their fenders, if say a 4 cylinder can get you to point B as well.

  4. Oh, I agree, it is laughable. But, I still have no idea how "Spreewells" could ever get to be a status symbol. My personal favorite is seeing a local Expedition that cruises to a stoplight; his front "Spree's" spinning like crazy, and the rear ones barely moving :lol: This is supposed to be a status symbol???? :rolleyes: :shrug:

    Still Dreamin'
  5. Dont be hatin on the whities
  6. This pic is proof that humans defy natural selection. The really sad part is they think they look bad ass. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Meet Mr. W. E. Todd and Mr. D. U. Moss
  7. But their Missing the Spinning prop's on their hats. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Darn those Voices.

  8. haha the one on the right is like pigeon toed in the picture...man hes tizite
  9. Hahhahahaha, dude in your avatar you look like the guy with the spinners but shirtless :lol: :rlaugh:

    Just messin with ya, but damn it really does. :p