22" on a 2005

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  1. Hi guys. Okay, so here's the plan..

    22x9.5 Shelby Torq-Thrust M Anthracite w/Mach Lip
    Kumho ECSTA ASX
    Size: 245/30ZR22

    As I've said before, I'm totally new to wheels and what not, so if anyone sees an issue with this setup, please let me know..

    What say you?

    Thanks again,
  2. okay, I'll say it.

    Why in the hell would you put a 22" wheel on a mustang? The wheel at that size is overwhelming to the car and will look like azz. Might as well jack the thing up on air suspension, and make a donk out of it.
  3. +1:nono: (even 20's are way too much IMHO)
  4. I don't know what you guys are talking about. I think they would look mad tyte! :shrug:

    Seriously, though. 20's are boarderline, but can look good if done right. 22's? No way.
  5. :nonono: Looks like a RC slot car for the street:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  6. I'm with the others, I think 20s are pushing it. 22s? No way, man. No way. Don't do it.
  7. 22's are definetly overkill but to each his own. Also with a 9.5 inch wide rim why only 245?
  8. I agree with everyone else. You are out of your mind. Please don't put 22's on a Mustang, you will embarass us all.
  9. Can you say "PIMP DADDY"!!!

  10. Thanks for the flames, but if you’ll read the post again, I’m looking for helpful information. So, get over yourselves ladies. It’s not like I’m thinking about tossing on some bastardized spinners or blades.

    If you’ll see the link, they’re just larger anthracite bullitts. I don’t race the car, so I don’t care about the extra weight that comes w/ 20’s, etc. Furthermore, I’m not a fan of giant rims (especially chrome) on our cars either, but I saw some tastefully done 22’s on here (or bradb) the other day. It looked pretty sharp, ate up the wheel gap, and didn’t look like a roller-skate with a body lift.

    It looked completely different from the hoopty that I expected. So, I thought I’d look into it. I tried to find it last night to no avail. I’d love to show you guys..

    Seriously, eight posts and nothing but flames and rants? C’mon fellas..
  11. 3d carbon's boy racer sits on 22s and looks very good IMHO. I have seen it in person too, not just on the 'net. Here's a link to their site, http://www.3dcarbon.com/
  12. personal choice man. i mean its your car. but you may want to consider brake upgrades. although i must agree with the majority:(
  13. I have factory 18's and looked at 20's. I am considering going with an 18 and reusing my factory rubber at this point.
  14. I personally wouldn't go larger than 20's, but the Boyracer does look nice on 22's. If I was going purely for looks I would get 20's and a mild drop.
  15. #1 - Do what you want. However, outside of the look - 22" will create issues all around. Best think twice on this one if you do not want rubbing, speed odometer issues, suspension issues, etc. It’s just not good man. I agree with the sentiment of those who posted, but not HOW they went about it.

    #2 - When you ask opinions you are opening yourself up to exactly that opinion. If your feelings are going to get hurt when someone says it looks rice, then you may want to reconsider asking for opinions.

    #3 - For those who are incapable of articulating an opinion with some class, WORK ON IT!
  16. hmmm

    And i still wish i could get some 15s to fit....haha damn calipers and all that braking. Totally jacking the thread but ANYONE make skinnies for the front that fir our offset?
  17. Donk man. Seriously donk.
  18. Thanks for the info CBus, welchy, Jennifer

    I’m not worried about hurt feelings. I was hoping for some helpful input, or adult-like behavior at a minimum. That said, if wheels this size will cause suspension trouble or accelerate issues of another kind, I’ll definitely switch to a smaller setup. That’s the kind of information I was hoping to gather. If so, I’ll keep looking at my original plan of 18-20” (w/ a Eibach Prokit?)

    LeftOVers – What would you suggest instead of 245’s?
  19. We are laughing with you. Honestly. :crazy: :D