22" on a 2005

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  1. Thanks Jenn...I think...
    Yeah I do!!!:D

  2. Since you are going to turn what ever I say into what delusions you want to make of it.. Have fun... And it is obvious the with your multiple jobs in the wheel and tire market you obviously know everthing.. except how to keep a solid job.

    So have fun with what ever you want to turn my opinions into. 22's look like crap on a Mustang. and 24's look worse on the majority of SUVs.

    Turn that into what ever you want too. Enjoy.
  3. Thats funny, you still cant back up what you said, so you through jabs, again ASSUMING, about my work history that you know nothing about. But i guess you can go through life basically spouting out crap to whoever will listen and belive you know.Im sure you have the coolest V6 in your circle of freinds and im sure they listen to your endless wisdom about what you saw on the road.

    Oh yeah, delusions are something you see,not hear, so go buy a clue before you make yourself look like a bigger ass.Next time back up what you say with facts,not what your DELUSIONAL eyes see on the road.
  4. I have 19s front and rear, if I had it to do over, I would get 19front and 20 in rear.

    I like the way the fronts fill the well, the rear could go a little more; I have pics in garage, you'll see what I mean...

  5. Dear Litlsi,

    All kidding aside -- Opinions are just that... Opinions!!!

    Whether you want to put an 18s, 20s, 22s or 24 inch wheels on your car will not change the world.

    "Do what you want to do"... And be the happiest mustang owner in your area...

    Everyone has an opinion and maybe a few people have said things about my mods that are, for a better word, "their opinions"...

    So be cool and GO FOR IT!!!

    Good Luck and post pictures of your car soon...

  6. 22's will not necessarily rub, if you pick the right tire. You will have more issues with wide tires on a 17 inch wheel then overall height of a 22 inch wheel. As far as speedo issues, you will be fine, once again, if you pick the correct size tire...
  7. I like my 20s!

    I think 22s are a bit to big. You will have to look around and do what is best for your style. I have Carroll Shelby CS67 wheels on my car and think they are the best looking wheels i've seen on a black mustang. They are 20x9.5 on the front and 20x10 on the back. I need to get a photo of them with the FR3 handling installed. The car looks alot better lowered to get rid of the tire/fender gap.

  8. That combo will work. It's the exact combo I'm doing (tire wise at least) but I'm going with 18 inch American Racing Razors.

    Oh, also to whoever said get wider tires for traction...learn how traction is achieved. Wider tires does NOT mean you get traction. You can have a 305/35 tire and get zero traction but have a 275/55 and dead hook at the track. Sidewall is how you get traction because your tire has room to flex when it grips. If the tire can't flex when it grips it breaks free and you get a spin fest. If you want traction, get SIDEWALL not width ;)
  9. Rubber compound also plays a huge roll in traction.
    I feel these cars look better with a generous sidewall tire anyhow. I'm even thinking about going to a 28" tall tire on 18's...at least on the rear, then dropping it about 1".
  10. The bullit anthracites are beautiful. May I suggest the 20s instead of the 22s? Front 8.5 and rear 10. My Ford dealer had some modded out Mustangs and they went as far as 20s.
  11. What you should note is that the "Boy Racer" has a full body kit to compliment those wheels. But if you've seen 22's on a stang and you liked it then to hell with everyone's opinion.
  12. Another Thing....

    Dont bumps and rattles transmit all the way thru the car? My 01 Cobra had a mild lowering - Ford Racing Springs, Y2k Cobra R rims, and 275/40 Goodrich KDW. Each bump was bone jarring and royally pi$$ed me off, all the time thinking its going to ruin the rest of my suspension components and loosen every little thing in my car. Wasn't going to undo it so traded in the car for bluecar (among other reasons). True or not true with a harsher ride?
  13. Get progressive rate springs and you don't have that problem as much.
  14. See this is the problem with this board, too many people lack maturity, too quick to bash others who ask simple questions. It would be nice for you guys to be a little nicer and help this guy out, sure he's ruining his car and probably sells crack to homeless guys in his riced out bling bling 22 inch rolling deep yo mustang, but that's neither here nor there, you need to show respect!
  15. Lol. You're one to talk.
  16. Vinnie,

    You're something else. :rlaugh:
  17. :lol: best post yet! :rlaugh:
  18. Do we live in bizzaro-world????? He went 180 on us...:shrug:

    Anyways, I would never put 22" wheels on any veichle, muchless a Stang. To each their own however, so I say if you like them and they fit...do your own thing.
  19. duce duces look great on GM trucks..
  20. My initial reaction was "WTF, you can't be serious!" but then I saw this and thought it looked good:
    but that has a body kit to enhance the look.

    Now I have slim 5-spoke 20's on mine and if anything they're a little big but I chose them because they're not too much heavier than stock although you have to add on the extra weight of a wider tire too so they're still an additional 10lbs a corner.
    My car is lowered on Roush springs and still doesn't look crouched so bear in mind you'll probably need a body kit to stop the car looking stupid.

    I'd have to say that dynamically on stock suspension, 22" wheels are going to thud round like sacks of potatoes and the ride will probably be coarse and the handling compromised to a significant degree.

    My rims are 9" on the front and wear 275/35 tires to give pretty much the same rolling diameter as stock but even in this guise, the stock brakes look a bit silly. The reasr are 10.5" and also wear 275/35's and they're a bit of a stretch and really need 285 or more.

    So for looks and posing the 22's will be fine but you should bear in mind that one of the main criticisms of even the finest handling European cars is that handling gets spoilt by the addition of unnecessarily large wheels.

    On that basis, 20's are a good compromise between handling and extra weight as long as you choose a lightweight design but when you get into heavier designs, I think it will suffer badly and you'll end up with the ride and handling of a Tahoe.

    22" tires are also likely to cripple your wallet.