22" on a 2005

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  1. In reference to black car above......

    In reference to the black car above, looks aside and given the rubber band tires, doesn't one stand a chance of bending the rims when hitting a bump? The car would have to be driven s l o w l y and it really defeats the purpose of a GT.
  2. If you put some Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs it would make your car look like it was squatting quite a bit more. They lower the car about 1.5" to 1.75" all around if I'm not mistaken.

    Friend of mine has them on his car with 18's and it looks killer. Granted, steep driveways are a challenge since you have to go up at an angle, but the car looks SO much better (from 4x4 (stock) to aggressive) :nice:
  3. Don't forget the Boy Racer kit adds a mild "wide body" effect to the car too. Not only does it appear to lower the car closer to the ground with the skirts, it also has some serious fender flares that help swallow those 22s.

    Still 20s or 22s on a Stang is just gay. Sorry.