24 Lb Injectors

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  1. If you don't know who he is, Decipha is a damn tuning wizard. There are ways to cheat undersized injectors, and people do it every day, but there are a lot of corners that people cut with these cars across the board.

    Plus I think Decipha is talking rear wheel and you're talking crank.
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  2. Also, my $.02: anyone with non-stock heads should consider a wideband O2 sensor and gauge. They are kind of expensive, but without it, you're just guessing.
  3. Yeah, I have first hand experience, he tuned my last car. And as soon as I get my ass in gear he is gonna do my car again. Do your research before making assumptions.

  4. If he's talking RWHP then yes, he is correct. Appreciate the clarification and again, no offense was being made and no assumptions either.
  5. With regard to leaning out at WOT, are there symptoms that a driver would notice and if so, what would they be?

    Otherwise, how would you determine of you are leaning out at WOT?
  6. Popping and pinging at wot. Without a wideband or being strapped to a fund there is no real way to know for sure.
  7. do a wot pull and shut it off and coast. pull the plugs and look at them.
    need fresh plugs to get a good reading.
  8. +1 for wideband..
  9. Tell ya what I'll do. I'll swap the heads (new TFS springs included) intake, TB and switch to the 1.7 roller rocker arms. I'll put it all back together with the 19lb injectors, give the setup some time to adjust then take it in for a dyno pull.

    We'll see what the tuners data says and take it from there.

    Merry Christmas everyone. Be safe out there whatever you're doing.
  10. I'm getting to like the wideband O2 idea. I'm the type that likes a hands on approach. The ability to see what's happening and make periodic adjustments to A/F ratio is something I'm interested in.

    What are the recommended kits?
  11. im a fan of the fast dual wideband set up. that way you can watch each bank
  12. That sounds more expensive. Btw, how would you address each bank individually if they were unbalanced.

    What is an entry level type kit that is viable and more on the affordable side?
  13. I mean, I expect to make various changes to setup over time. So being able to see what's going on and adjust is the idea.

    Stuff like- ok, time to change injectors, or raise/lower fuel pressure.
  14. 160-200$ on eBay.. I have an aem kit I got for 160$, and I had a innovate lc-1 i used on my last car I paid 190$ either will be fine. Your not driving a full blown race car
  15. This one looks affordable too.

    Innovate Motorsports 3795 DB BLUE Complete Wideband Gauge Kit (2 1/16 52mm) with LC-1, O2 Sensor, Bung and Plug
  16. AEM FJO or the LC1

    the fast is about 400 bucks
  17. This is the one I had on my old car. Worked good
  18. I recommend the ntk afx, its the most accurate low priced wideband money can buy

    A close second is the aem

    be sure no matter which wbo2 you get that you get it with a DIGITAL gauge ONLY