245/45-19 tires, pirelli Nero AS near new for sale

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  1. I seperated the tires from wheels i just sold, so I'm trying to sell just the tires now.

    a full set of four (4), Pirelli Pzero Nero All season 245/45-19 tires. Tires are just about brand new (only a few miles from the dealership to home and a stop or two) on them. They have over 99% of the tread on them.

    $400 (+shipping to your location) for the set
  2. Are these tires still for sale? Where are you located?
    I'm looking at getting some 19" CS Rims for my 2010 and will need tread.
  3. rubber

    Well, I did pick up those California Special rims -

    Looking for some tires if these are still for sale.
  4. sorry for being away from the board for so long, and yes, the tires sold last week.

    We did buy our second mustang (actually, brother in law) and upgrading the wheels on the new one also. I'm going to try to sell the wheels and tires together (same 19" tires with the Satin Nicke 19" GT premium wheels.) If I get a buyer for the wheels without the tires, I'll put the tires back up here again.
  5. Ok, let me know how it goes... Thanks
  6. If someone is still interested in the tires, I am willing to split up the wheels and the tires and sell the tires only.
  7. .?

    do you still have any of these tires?
  8. Still Available???

    **Hi Are these tires still available?

    Please let me know either way.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.