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  1. will the 244/55 16 on the stock 7" rims work all around or would they be to big for the front on the v6
  2. Think i heard that 235 is the max you would want to go on stock 16", i may be wrong though....
  3. 245-50-16's are a fine fit on stock 16 rims and handle nicely with plenty of room to spare up front

    i run 275-40-17's on my 98 v6 with 98 cobra rims all the way around with plenty of clearance
  5. You can do it, as far as clearance issues are concerned, with no problems. You'd want 245/55's, though, not 50's, to keep your speedometer accurate. HOWEVER, 245's are at the absolute limit of what's considered safe on 7" rims, and I'd be a little worried about the possibility of a tire coming loose while I'm doing 70 mph on the highway. So I got 235's for my car...Kumho Ecsta's, which cost 69.95. I drove my car straight to the tire dealer after I picked it up and traded in the stock 215's for a $50 credit each. So the new tires ended up costing me about twenty bucks apiece. The least expensive 245's I saw were something like $180 each, which helped make my decision.

    Check out http://www.1010tires.com/tiresizecalculator.asp
    for comparisons of tire sizes.
  6. Are Kuhmo tires pretty good in quality, for like a cheap tire?
  7. I have run them before.......for the price, I liked them okay! They have a very sporty tread! They look more expensive than they cost. My $0.02