25% Off Mustang T-5/T-45 Short Throw Sport Shifter - February 2008 Forum Only Special

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  1. This month's forum member specials are in, and they are hotter then hot hot hot...I mean they would have to be considering how freaking cold it is outside right now! These deals are good from February 1st through February 28th...er make that the 29th...stupid leap year haha! So grab some wintery hotness for your Mustang before it is too late!

    25% Off Mustang T-5/T-45 Short Throw Sport Shifter

    Looking to replace your sloppy factory or worn out shifter on your T-5 or T-45 transmissioned Mustang but don't want to shell out the cash for a full blown racing shifter? The T-5/T-45 Mustang Short Throw Sport Shifter is the perfect upgrade to replace your faltering shifter...and at 25% off it is even more a of a deal!​


    Discount code valid only on SKU 49017.​

    Discount Code: fcfeb08sportyshiftn25off​

    Important Legal Mumbo Jumbo: All prices subject to change. All sales and sales pricing subject to availability. All prices are good only while supplies last. Only one coupon code can be applied per order. Coupon prices are only valid when coupon code is entered during the checkout process. Reduced prices will be seen during the checkout process after a coupon code is entered. Thank you for reading all of our tiny legal text.
  2. What brand is this shifter, and compared to other short throw shifters how much shorter is the throw?? Thanks in advance
  3. The shifter is our "house brand". The base design is similar to a well known shifter manufacturer, so the shifts are a lot shorter then stock. Quality-wise it is at least as good as stock if not better. Obviously it is not billet aluminum or cold-forged or anything like much more expensive shifters, so I wouldn't recommend it on a race car. But for an everyday driver that wants to replace their sloppy OEM setup, or anyone who wants shorter shifts without the race shifter costs, it is perfect.

    Check out full details here: http://www.americanmuscle.com/t5-t45-mustang-short-shifter.html
  4. Bump - Last Week Of Sale!
  5. I purchased this shifter thanks to the incentive from american muscle and it was a great investment. So far I love it! thanks!

    Always looking for a good deal, Hope to see some more specials like this in the future.