25 years in a wood shed 67 GT 500 Shelby for sale

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  1. It says that it's a shelby cobra GT500... What THE? Could be a good loop hole out of not selling a real GT500 if they aren't.
  2. that is what there official name was... it was the public that called them Shelby Mustang's.. none of the adds from the 60's refer to the cars as being Shelby Mustangs..
  3. YEH? They were called cobras?
  4. I'd love to have it...
  5. Shelby

    Damn,,,40 grand for a shell without the original engine. Some people have more money than sense.
  6. Don't think so!

    They were never called Cobra's!

    Shelby Mustang!!!
  7. Let me take that back!

    Although I have heard people refer to them as Cobra's, I was surprised to find that Ford Heritage is listing a 1969 Cobra GT500 on their site!

    However on the original 65 Shelby, they do not refer to it as a Cobra!

    Does anyone know if this is a year specific title "Cobra" for the Shelby Stang?
  8. I would suspect that it was changed in 1968 when the Cobra Jet engine was put in.
  9. the name did change in 68 from shelby mustang to shelby cobra. the same time that the production moved from the airport hanger in L.A. to A.O. Smith Company in Michigan. Supposedly due to lack of high quality fiberglass available in L.A., but more probably because Ford wanted more control over production. The cars were called shelby cobra gt350 and 500 from the beginning of the model year, but the cobra jet engine was not available until the middle of the year with the intro of the gt500kr. anyone know what the 'kr' stands for?
  10. King of the Road
  11. yea, kind of dorky
  12. The valve covers on a 67 GT 500 have a big "COBRA lemans " cast on them. That was standard Shelby equipment on a 67 GT500 . Which is most likely why its always referred to as a Shelby Cobra GT500.
  13. I thought that all Shelby Mustangs (except the "R") had some form of COBRA valve covers. Am I wrong on this? I know that there was a "Shelby dress up kit" for the 289 that included the oval COBRA air cleaner housing and the COBRA valve covers (amongst other things).
  14. Im not entirely sure to be honest Tyler, but Ive seen the dress up kit you mentioned. Im sure somebody here knows. I just always figured Shelby Mustangs were Shelby Cobra Mustangs. :shrug: It may be a matter of personal interpretation in the end.
  15. according to the editors of Mustang Monthly, including D.F., the 65, 66 and 67 were shelby mustang and 68+ were shelby cobras. of course they could be wrong.
  16. the ads of the day never called them Shelby Mustangs.. they were called that by the buying public and automobile mags,,, lots of times they were referred to as the Shelby GT's in the ads by Shelby American.. my original owners manual reads "1968 Shelby Cobra G.T. 350/500 Owners Manual."

    I also have the "selling guide, to the 68' Shelby Cobra GT" which was the pocket guide for the dealer to use for specs on the cars... neither one mentions the word "Mustang"
  17. Car Names, according to Shelby

    This is how they were called, according to Shelby and SAAC:

    289 Cobras, CSX2000 series
    FIA Cobras
    Daytona Coupes
    427 Cobras, CSX 3000 series
    1965 Shelby GT-350
    1966 Shelby GT-350
    1967 Shelby GT-350 & 500

    Now, when Ford took over the production for 1968 & 1969, the Cobra name was added since Ford owned it.

    More info:
    Shelby continuation Cars:

    289 Cobras: CSX7000
    427 Cobras: CSX4000
    Series-1: CSX5000
    Daytona Coupes: CSX8000
    FIA Cobras: CSX6000
  18. I heard it different ,,because if its a "Shelby " , it was a "Cobra" at least from 67 on. On a 67 Gt350 or 500 when you open the hood, all you see is the word Cobra, stamped on both valve covers, and also stamped on the big oval air cleaner .
    Then there is a Cobra on every side, front and back also. Then another on the dash.
    6 little cobra pictures, the word Cobra stamped predominately all over the engine , little cobras even on the door sills.
    All those cobras all over the thing, the engine all decked out in cast
    " COBRA " ,, how can anyone say its not, a "Cobra". Its not like all that stuff is add on. :shrug: