25 years in a wood shed 67 GT 500 Shelby for sale

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  1. Shelby & Cobra


    Up through 1967, Just Shelby GT-350 & 500. Period. Yes, they used "COBRA" Valve covers and had "Cobra" badging, but they were not formally called, titled, or named that. The "COBRA" name started with Ford's production in 1968 through 1969(1970). Fact. It's in the Shelby Regisrty.
  3. A duck by any other name is still a duck

    Use the kit Cobra as an example:

    It has "Cobra":
    Valve covers
    Trunk badge
    Hood badge


    It is still just a kit cobra. The title and original manufacturer's name call the shots. That's what drove 'Ol Shel nuts with the reproductions, using the name without the heritage. He was appeased when he got $$.
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  6. Pak,

    A great final note to this thread!

    That means my Daughter wears "Tree" boots, I drive a "Palomino", I drink "Waterfall" beer,, and my son eats "cow" cheese.

    I think we have the facts straight, it's just semantics now.
  7. Man, you can sure tell when the weather gets cold, people start argueing about stupid crap! :D
  8. Just got return email from a SAAC registrar , HE says that the cobras are there to show the cars roots . So Is it wrong to call one a "Cobra" ? no. If the "Cobra" is synonymous with Carroll Shelbys creations, like Pak says , it would essentially be "a cobra". :shrug: This is getting tedious .
    And I agree with ya Zoo . Not worth arguing over. But I never tossed any sarcastic remarks thus having this thread manifest itself into an argument.
    A lot of people say that anything after 67 isnt a "real " Shelby. That argument is made because of the LA departure and Ford taking the reigns . I personally dont follow that idealogy , but the statements get made. Kinda like this ongoing thing about " the 67 , with about NINE cobra pictures and the word "Cobra" on it about 12 times , not being a Cobra. AND THESE WERE NOT A PRETTY DRESS UP KIT BOUGHT FROM AUTOZONE .. THEY WERE APPLIED BY SHELBY ..... But whatever. Heres a pic of the gas cap for anyone thats never seen one. Personally , they can call it a Mazda . I just refer to it as a Cobra , or a Gt500. If someone doesnt like that, they can go blow a goat ... :nice:
  9. Well, anyone can call anything whatever they want really by that logic, but that will never make them right. Personally I don't even think the 68's to 70's should be called Cobras either, to me Shelby Cobra is just that the Cobra car itself that he raced, not a Mustang. A GT500 is no more a Cobra than any Eleanor is a Shelby, plain and simple. :p Through history tons of famous qoutes are remembered wrong by almost everyone, so if you asked any of them how something went they would almost all be in agreement, however, they almost all would be wrong too. Examples: Tarzan never actually said "me tarzan you jane", Bret never actually said "Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn" but many think they did. Sadly, they are all wrong though. Just because something gets misrepresented for decades does not suddenly make it so simply becasue it is now engrained itself into the world.

    I'm not trying to argue about this, I guess I was just surprised that it was so important. The way you guys were going back and forth you would think it was a discussion on the origin of man or something. You know, at one time everyone thought the world was flat too, it was a pretty popular opinion in fact, so if someone chooses to believe that today, does that make them right, or simply a fool?

    Oh really, fine, I'll call you on that. Go to your nearest urban neigborhood, walk up to a pack of brothers, point to their yellow boots and say "Yo Bro's, dem some def trees on your feet" and we'll see if you are right or not. BTW, it's been nice knowing you. :D they will understand if you say "TIMS" instead, kinda like "stang", but that is about all that is acceptable. I also have to believe my CEO, the share holders and at least the entire eastern seaboard would also say you should not, but what do they know.

    If it is that important to you that 67' be called a Cobra than do so or partition for it to finally correct this horrible injustice that history has burdened you wtih, or find a 68' Shelby to destroy instead. I don't see where any of it makes a difference really. I just care enough about the Mustang world to be as accurate in every history detail as possible when discussing it, but heh, if it is just a car to you, then say what you want, there are way to many ignorant people out there to question or call you on it anyway.
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  11. Ugh, to the tenth power. :rolleyes:

    Un hunh, you are right, but stepping inline with a bunch of wrong and ignorant people does not suddenly make you all right and history wrong. You are just a bunch of people that would have believed the world was flat still, regardless of what the truth is or not. Even if only 3 people in the world know the fact and millions believe something else, it does not suddenly make it so. Maybe they will all start jumping off bridges too, and you'll blindly follow them in that as well. It's pretty simple logic, but for some reason beyond my understanding, you just don't seem to get it.

    Wait, I do understand now, your signature just explained it all to me, you're a short busser, I get it now, sorry. I hope you had you football helmet on when you started banging your head against the wall.

    I give up, this is my last post on this thread, but before I go, let's just group together some things that alot of folks inside and outside this hobby believe to be true, but ya know what........they are WRONG!

    Every 302 is a boss engine!
    Every 428 car is a Super Cobra Jet!
    All GT500's had a 428!
    The 302 was the base V8 for all mustangs starting with 1968.
    The GT package was available on any V8 for every year model up to 69'.
    Deluxe interiors were actually called "Pony".

    My god, the list of misconceptions and urban legends go on and on, but I digress.

    By all means though, don't let the voice of reason change your opinion or stop you from continuing to mis-portray the truth, you go on believing what you want and mis-represent history, and those of us that choose to live with fact no matter how unpopular it is will continue to snicker at you when you make incorrect statements even if we are the minority, OK? deal?

    Cheers to you and all you do brother! :cheers:
  12. you guys are insane. i think arguing for the sake of arguing. just refer to them as ford did, 65-67 shelby mustang, 68+ shelby cobra. but if you want to call it something other than ford did, there's an old lady down the street that calls them 'dat snake car' so how about that?
  13. Are not! :p
  14. Rat. Good Lord...

    Yep. Perhaps constructing footwear for our " brothers in the urban neighborhoods " has so caused your life to be so mundane that you simply wish to come here and look to hurl meaningless insults over something so paltry as to whether or not the word cobra should be included in 67 Shelby references . Looking back , it was indeed you that started with the less than witty sarcastic and hostile remarks .As usual. But not to any other members who do resto-mods , or any other mods to "historically accurate mustangs blah blah blah". Only me. Hmmmmm... Now not only do I lack respect for your so called "wit" , but I must wonder if indeed the shoe business is falling short of satisfaction in your life and I have become a favorite pass time... Talk to me.. Im here to help... :rlaugh:
    OK,, We will play your way. Despite the 12 or 13 snakes and the word Cobra written 9 or 10 times on it, we shall refrain from referring to ANY 67 Shelbys as having anything to do with all those little cobras. Matter of fact, maybe they arent really there. Rats law. It has no cobra roots ( despite what SAAC says) . I hope this brings some relief old friend. If not, maybe Timberland will push to make a new and exciting shoe. :D