$2500 Budget 2006 GT

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  1. Hey Guys, I have a $2500 Budget that I want to work with on my 06 GT.

    Current Mods

    Roush Cold Air Intake
    Pypes H-Pipe, Pypes High Flow Cats, Mac Axle Back
    Brenspeed 93 Octane Tune

    Looking at spending the $2500 This Way...........Tell me what you Think??

    BBK Twin 62MM Throttle Body $310
    Pypes Shorty Headers $250
    Brenspeed Detroit Rocker Cams $799
    Ford Racing Intake $520
    Ford Racing 3.73 Gears $160

    What would you guys do with $2500??
  2. Delete the throttlebody and the intake. Buy long tubes if your state is not emissions crazy. The intake would be good if you plan on going F.I. a little later and the throttle body is more headaches than it's worth.
    My .02
  3. +1. Long tubes or nothing. You'll also need the corresponding x or h pipe.
    Skip the TB and intake.

    Also, you don't want to hear this but you could just save up for an SC. You will still be pretty slow with these mods.
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  4. x2 on the just saving up for a supercharger, unless you're wanting to keep in N/A, in which case, get the long tubes.
  5. As everyone else has said, if your upgrading your headers get long tubes.
  6. $2500, eh? That should keep the gas tank filled through the summer...:p
  7. Gears are the biggest bang-4-buck IMO, and keep the rest for that $5 gas all summer!!!!:nice: