25k for a new car

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  1. ok heres the story. my friend is gonna get 25k for a car, any car he wants, from his dad (really rich) who lives in korea. But the catch is that if he spends less than 25K, say for example 20K, he wont get the 5k back. So its in his best interest to spend all of it. Mustangs arent his thing, so theres no way hes gonna buy one. What car do you guys think he should buy? I suggested he should look into a used M3, like 96, 97 with low miles. Or a used STI. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    and when he does get a car, im gonna try to buy his old 95 accord with like 250k miles on it for a DD. It runs EXTREMELY smooth, so i know its been well taken care of. How much do you think i shoud offer him?

  2. Id get a srt-4, loaded.
  3. I would go with a used corvette, u can find the 98-02's in that price range. A used sti doesnt sound bad either.
  4. dont forget the evo
  5. i would get a slightly used g35 coupe...
  6. If I was not a mustang man. I might look into a 2000-2002 Trans Am. They are brutally fast and the look is mean as hell.
  7. Yeah do a vette. My but has an STi and it's not that impressive.
  8. How about a Dodge Magnum or Chrysler 300? Those are getting good reviews as you know. Or would he like a truck instead? How about a used Dodge, Ford or Chevy? Diesel one maybe or how about 2005 MT truck of the year, the Toyota Tacoma with the TRD package and club cab configuration? It would be a little more than 25k but it would be brand new.

    A corvette would be nice but the insurance will kill him.

    If he needs more opinions you or he can check out edmunds.com to get more ideas. :nice:
  9. :stupid:

  10. or slightly used 350z
  11. sooo... who is going to pay insurance after the car is paid for?
  12. trust me when i say 95-99 M3's suck! no power at all. If you want an M3 look for an E46 with SMG, only way to fly if you have to have a bimmer. He could also look for an E39 540 with a 6-speed and sport package, those are pretty fast. Please remember all bimmer's are money pits. I worked on mitsu's awhile and really like the evo's, but have put way too many clutches in low mileage vehicles to consider them.

  13. i'd take a 350 but really prefer the g35...it has a much nicer interior...i hate nissans new little dinky guage pod in the center of the steering wheel,it throws off the look of the whole interior imo...
  14. If he is looking for the fastest combination he could get an srt-4 with the stage 3R package installed from the dealer and included in the cost, this would take full advantage of the 25k. But I would still look for a c5 plenty of nice ones out there.
  15. I prefer the g35 coupe as well but I was just giving suggestions
  16. A vette would be a good choice but i would get something like a used navigator or 4runner.
  17. g35 coupe are pimp, but there more then 25k arnt they...used...? up here in canada they sure are