Progress Thread 25thmustang's Progress Pics

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  1. Your car would look so much better if you didnt have those Capri fenders on it.. :nonono:

  2. Haha I actually like Capri fenders, but dont think Id run them on this car!
  3. Car is on the ground now, need to bleed the brakes align the doors, and get the fenders, trunk and hood on it...

    I can say the cars going to sit low, but It should look real good!

    On a plus, car started. Got nothing, charged the battery cranked it without the ignition on and it turned. Hit the ignition, cranked for a few seconds, then started. Stalled, then hit it again, tapped the gas two quick times and it settled into a a decent idle. Needs to be run and tuned right, but I have to actually yank the front of the motor apart to fix a leaking timing cover :(
  4. Well thats Good news.. The Spring Timer is about to Ring here Soon, I Pulled mine out yesterday Let it run for 15 min took the Cover off... Sounds Like yours Will be Ready Just in time!... i looked back on the last pic's You posted also, Looks Sharpe man!.. i started a new job so i cant get on here as much.. Nice Work 25th!
  5. Thanks, Ill grab some pics tonight with it on the ground, and doors and fenders hanging on it (not bolted in place yet though). Gotta help Wolpert out getting his running today too!
  6. you adjust the ebrake yet?
  7. No, have to put the clips in and adjust it, but my dad broke your welds last night! I got tonight to work on it though, so the brakes should be squared away!

    Also Nick I got a question for you, when you get a chance!
  8. Pics... mocked up fender and front valance to get an idea. Its basically what I consider the perfect ride height. Sits awesome out front, slightly high out back, but with 18x10s that might be smarter for now! These wheels out front are the track rims, not the ones I plan to be running!

  9. Wow that looks hot!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks, might need some wheel spacers on it, after looking a bit, that front rim seems tucked a little much for my tastes. Not sure if the 18x9 will sit different, but my goal is to keep it narrower and run a spacer if need be!
  11. i thought you already painted it ! ?
  12. Painted the door and trunk jambs, its going out for paint in a week!
  13. good deal.. i just thought it was already done.. i dont know what i was thinken?
  14. I wish it was, but not at the moment. Got a lot to do before paint, so I guess thats good I have time!
  15. :nice: Good choice! keep the pic's coming... looks awsome!! Can't wait to see the finished project!!!
  16. Lol, thanks and will do!
  17. I love the stance, I think it's gonna look great. Are you still expecting to run insano times lowered with 17s? How are you gonna make it hook now? Or is it more of a street car now, and it'll just run whatever it runs?
  18. It will be lowered with 18s actually, and the times shouldnt be too much worse. I figure this summer the car wont be insanely fast, probably in the 12.7s on the 17" ET Streets, but I do plan to build a motor for it anyway! The car was never set up for drag racing, and I cant see that ever happening. Id love to have a drag car, but being young Ill stick with a car that I do everything with!

    And when the bug hits me, Ill take the 393/Jerico/Nitrous car for some passes!
  19. Brian, give me a call tonight, let me know whats up
  20. Alright, If I remember Ill throw you a call, I actually got the answer I needed, but of course always have something to ask!