Progress Thread 25thmustang's Progress Pics

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  1. You and me both on both points you covered...

    I am at the mercy of the paint place now. I will bring it back when they ask for it...

    Time to go cut and weld a stock H to fit my Long Tubes and hope this turd gets through emissions!
  2. Looks awesome!
  3. Thanks, just finished welding the stock H to fit the LTs... Need to make one mroe V cut, move the pipe a little over and weld that, then grind it and clean it up some. Looking like it will fit though, which is nice, now lets hope the second cats are clean enough to get a car through!
  4. I'll keep my fingers crossed on the passing of the emissions. As for the paint, tell them dudes to hurry up!
  5. I hope for emissions as well. I got the pipe done and it appears to be close, so it should slide in without issues. I think tomorrow me and maybe a friend or two might get this stock H and my tails and mufflers in. Then its some sanding the fuel door and a wash away from bringing it to paint. I need more motivation!

  6. Alright, I know I was told no pictures until I get her painted but I did some work today. Got the exhaust in. I might have to do some tweaking, as with every damn thing that has to do with cars, but its in there and looks good. Sounds a little quiet for my tastes (I guess I like them loud) but it definately sounds good. I am going to try and get some video tonight, and if not then the weekend!

    Here is where it started:

    Then I layed out my exhaust:

    Here it is all in there, the batteries of the camera died after I got it on the ground and outside, so this is the best I have!
  7. Looks great man. Those tails are badass :nice:
  8. I agree, I like the look and LOVE the fact they will clear any tire I run back there! Now if they only polished it all the way past where you see it, they would be perfect!
  9. Without going back through the thread, what exhaust set up is that? I love the undr axle (kinda IRS exhaust) look. Looks nice.
    Now get the damn thing painted. LOL. I've been following this build since day 1. :D
  10. It will with the stock H. Now focus on the exhaust of that 05/06 !:nice:
  11. Is that the Flowmaster 3"??

    I need to get myself that setup. The look of the tails alone is worth it!
  12. The exhaust is simple...

    Mac Long Tubes, VRS off road X, and Spintech Pro Streets out Flowmaster 3" tailpipes. I like the look and love the clearance you get with them. I have videos loading on streetfire soon to come.

    Its leaving on Tuesday for paint. Still need to get a few things done, but with a nice warm sunny weekend in the forcast, I should be motivated and ready to get her done!

    BTW the 06 has a Flowmaster axleback on it. I bought it for a Christmas gift. Sounds good, but not as loud as "I" would like. My brother likes it though. He has some Konigs in the basement waiting to go on, and some lowering springs. Thats going to be his show car, his GT40P 1986 will be his go car!
  13. So you can buy just the 3" flowmaster tails??

    I wonder if i can get them to attach to my current 2.5" cat-back somehow.
  14. Yes you can, and Im not sure about that. It took some work to get mine in there. They appear to attach to the mufflers more towards the front of the car. The back of my Spintechs dont line up under the hangers, which might prove a problem when I go to throw some hangers on them. They do look mean though, now I just need to get the sticker off them and polish them up!

    By the way, the tails run $220 I believe, I got mine for $200 shipped from a guy that bought them and never ran them!
  15. Where do you get those tailpipes without the catback?! I need those asap!! How do the spintechs sound? and sound clips?

    edit: is this the same kit?

    could you also get a pic of the car straight back, from a low angle though to get the pipes in.
  16. Yes those are them, and the Spintechs sound good, not 100% sure yet, need someone to drive the car for me.

    I have videos loaded, waiting for Streetfire to send me confirmation. Says it takes a few mins, but its been over an hour now! How long should I have to wait?
  17. DAMMNNNNN that sounds badass! Your right, sounds like its got a pretty healthy cam in there even though there isnt hahaha. Sound like it revs real easy too! Nice choice man.
  18. Sounds good. That's a pretty lumpy stock cam haha. It might just be because it's a video, but I was expecting it to be louder.