Progress Thread 25thmustang's Progress Pics

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  1. Yeah the video was taken with a camera, so it isnt the best. It isnt as loud as I expected but the mufflers might break in still! I have the other video coming soon...
  2. You like that huh, its staying for now... Car sounds awful but runs strong. If and when the motor goes, Ill get something to go in there!
  3. im in class and cant listen to the clips yet - but this is the first time im seeing the exhaust and man it look totally awesome! you dont think you'll have an issue running a bigger rear tire? i just bought a set of 17x9 inch rims and i was going to run a 285 MT DR , or a goodyear 285 in the rear but im worried about clearence...
  4. The way these tailpipes run, I doubt the big tire will ever be an issue. They run almost under the gas tank, not between it and the tire like al the other set ups. I think Ill toss the 18x10s out back today when Im working on it, and see what the clearance looks like. By the way, tires are coming on Tuesday!
  5. well after watching the video.... damn what kind of cam are you running? hahaha :D It sounds real good and healthy, do you think maybe you have a bad lifter that could be causing the noise? does it ever go away at any time? Just curious. Also im really loving those tailpipes and the fact that they run under the gas tank almost. It definatly give you that IRS rear look. I loving it!!
  6. The lifters came out of my other motor that ran quiet, so its not them. It is something with this short block. I had an oil galley plus missing and thought this was why it used to be loud. So I tapped and tossed in some threaded plugs and sure enough the problem didnt go away. I plan to run it like this for a while and see what happens.

    I also like the IRS look they give. Pretty much everyone who has seen them so far asks me about them, and thats just fam and friends!
  7. Pics of nothing new, just idea on wheels and tailpipes...

  8. Its too low! :nonono:
  9. youll love the bullitts I love mine!!
  10. hmm thats strange! do you think some serious damage could be done to the engine? watch it will run for years like that with no issues! :p

    PS. your oil pressure is ok right??

    It definatly has a distinct look to it and i love it! :nice:
  11. It will be different, and I do agree on the too low. Out front it really is too low. I cant even get a jack under it!

    I actually dispise 17" Bullitts on foxs, I think they look awful. But for some reason the 18s especially deep dish look perfect! Plus its just wheels, I can always buy new ones!
  12. yo, how do the tailpipes work? My exhaust currantly ends at my mufflers. The way the tailpipes are shown its only a 4 piece set right? The part that goes over the axle, it looks like after it goes over the axle it just faces straight down. How would that connect to my mufflers? And if I turn it around how would that connect to the tail pipes?

    edit: does the other end of the tailpipe curve up? I think im retarded.
  13. Sounds awesome from the pipes, but sounds like a 7.3 in the engine bay.. So if its not your lifters, sounds sorta like injectors maybe? Not that big of a deal really, seems to run fine and dandy.
  14. Runs fine, it's staying in there for the time being.

    Mob the part out of the mufflers goes striaght for a little, then curves up, goes over the axle and then stops a little ways after. Then it meets the tailpipes which come down sort of under the tank. Where the tailpipe and over the axle pipe meets is right above where you would see without laying on the ground. Installing them was easy!
  15. here is my problem tho with those tailpipes... A buddy of mine has a MAC cat back kit for a GT he is going to give me.. I could just get the mack LX tailpipes for it (like 220 something for them) or get these tails. The problem lies that the MAC has those connections which isnt a big deal cause i could just cut them off, but the mac is 2.5 inch tubing and these are 3inch. i would have to get them welded probably.....

    and where's more progress pics! i demand progress!! :p
  16. No progress pics, the cars at the painter. I was told they might stay late and paint it Fri, if not I might have another few weeks to wait! Mines a 2.5" exhaust until it gets to the tailpipes. I just got some pieces of pipe that go from 2.5-3" and welded them in!
  17. Well the painter did NOTHING to it, and because of the cycle its back home once again. They are holding off for the best students to paint it (I guess they won some awards, and work as painters for a living)!

    I did get the wheels and tires tossed on though, and I think they look amazing! They fit great and I love the look!

    Also asked my dads engine guy about the lifter noise. Turns out it is piston noise, and he claims it will run fine for a long time. I just cant detonate it! So the motor stays!