Progress Thread 25thmustang's Progress Pics

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  1. I know I'm late on this...

    First off BEAUTIFUL Pony... I love the way it turned out.

    What parts did you use for the 5lug conversion?
  2. wow! I have seen the car in photo's Libano did the pics and posted them on ccdsm and the car looked amazing, it's funny, you would never believe it was the same car as the one picturedd in the first few pages of the thread such a beautiful car :nice:
  3. Not sure why these never made it on here... but I guess:

  4. Your car would bring a siiick amount of money on Ebay with those pictures!!! MINT!
  5. I'm sure it would, but I would feel terrible if someone on Ebay bought it looking at those pictures... Those pictures make it look perfect which it is FAR from.
  6. Yeah, they are very nice pictures, but the car is still very nice, I think I've seen some regular pics a while back. I still love the color scheme.
  7. There are some regular pics floating around out there... Yeah the color sceheme tends to attract attention, even though it is FAR from flashy or bright.
  8. I find this EXTREMELY hard to believe :p
  9. Nah, I could never have perfect, would never want it. I have scuffs, scrapes, paint chips, and to me it just eases the pain of driving a car with nice paint. I would need an enclosed trailer and a box of rags all the time if it was perfect... as it sits I abuse it at the track, on the street and love every second of it :D.
  10. Haha this is my philosophy too! I'm not building a show car, i'm building a cruiser i can take to shows, beat a little at the track, have fun taking on vacations etc.

    Paint chips and scuffs add character! (your car doesn't need it since its got its own character though! :nice:)
  11. Thanks, it's way more fun to worry about where you going, than if the car is getting chipped on the way there :D.
  12. I've seen the car in person. It's still nice :)
  13. I spent the last hour reading this thread. You did a great job. I like your style.
  14. Thanks, not the style most fox owners have, but it gets attention from people.
  15. Starting on the car again, something like 5 years later.

    Working on putting sound deadening back in. Using my dads old 1991 padding (the stuff found behind the kick panels, rear panels, etc.), peel and stick stuff, rubberized coating and some other ideas, the plan is to make it more comfortable.

    Will also be tying up some loose ends, things like putting a back seat back in, new seat belts, hooking up the power drivers seat, repainting brake calipers and some other detail type stuff.

    Hopefully I keep up with the thread here, get photos when they matter, and possibly even pass along some info/advise that I may learn while doing some of these things.
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  16. I did the rubberized coating in my trunk and hate it to this day. Skip it and do the mat.
  17. Any particular reason why? My plan was to do both, but if there are negatives to it, I'm open to suggestions.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on the 1/4 area cavities, between the inner steel and the exterior sheet metal? I plan to line the outer sheet metal with the peel and stick, as well as then the inner, but I'm wondering if there's a benefit to filling this open space.
  18. This was and still is one of my favorites on here as i was getting into these cars 5-6 years ago.

  19. Magnusun likes to include cans of expanding spray foam with their supercharger kits. I've never tried it but I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't work.
  20. Thanks Toolow.

    Also spray foam was my thought but that stuff is a nightmare to remove.