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  1. Peel and sealed the drivers area. Not sure if it will help much but it can't hurt!


    Drivers door panel is done and mounted back in for good.
  2. I'm progressing slowly but did want to take a minute to explain what I'm doing.

    I've been told by some to only use the right automotive sound deadeners. I understand the reasoning, it's the right product deigned to do what I'm asking. However, unlike in my younger years, I simply have too many bills to dedicate enough to the fox to "do it right".

    With this in mind in embarking on a budget sound deadening set up. What you see is peel and seal for roofs going down first. In the photo I'm posting below you will see carpet padding. This is from a carpet store and was very cheap. It is not designed to deaden sound per say but to me it will help enough for what I'm looking for.


    Since this photo was taken the carpet is back in. Hard to tell at the moment, but the hollow sound the bare floor had before is drastically improved. Time to start putting the plastic parts back in and see if it really feels better.

    Another item I was able to test last night was the door work I did. The drivers side is done and the passenger side is as it has been for 10 years or so. Drivers got peel and seal on the panel and the door inner steel. 1/4" thick foam backing on the panel, and a poly vapor barrier over the door. I added some bracing where the arm rest screws went in (the old backer broke) and that about sums up the door work. The difference when shutting both doors is staggering. Hard to describe on the internet but the sound and feel is a huger improvement.

    That is all for now. Will try and plug away as the days go by.
  3. Although the peel and seal isn't as effective as CLA tiles, it's definitely better than nothing. I'm sure you'll notice a difference, especially with the carpet padding. Are you doing the same in the hatch area? Lots of road noise transferred inside from there.
  4. The hatch area will get the peel and seal as well. I'm adding it to the back side of all the inner plastic pieces as well.

    Honestly for the past 7 years I've driven with no back seat, and just some carpet tossed over the trunk/hatch area. The new plan is to put a back seat back in, peel and seal, carpet pad where I can, an MDF trunk "floor" and wrapping that in carpet. The inner steel of the 1/4s will get peel and sealed, and I will work to add carpet padding in there as well. I'm figuring maybe 150-200 lbs of added material when you factor rear seat, MDF, peel and seal and carpet padding.

    I'm also adding tailpipes to get the exhaust out from under the car. I'm hoping for a night and day difference on passenger compartment sound.
  5. Def should be quieter. :nice:
  6. Tails will make a night and day difference in themselves. My '95 had dumped Flowmasters when I bought it (was obnoxious), and when I added tails it was so quiet that I changed to Magnapacks just to get some sound back in the car.
  7. 95Blue, I'm almost thinking all this work will have me missing the noise inside! I sure hope not!
  8. Nice work 25th! Even though as you state the deadening material that's designed for this sort of thing works better, you are still making progress. And from your comments, you can already tell a difference. The idea of using it on the plastic panels as well will certainly help, good decision.

    Certainly not meaning to be a know it all, I've just been doing this sort of thing a long time. When you try to build competition audio systems, its a must! Heck, back in the day (20+ years ago), when we didn't know any better, my dad and I just used foam mattress topper material we found at the local dept. store along with the jute type carpet padding you are using. It turned out very well, especially when you factor in how little it cost!

    Great job, would love to hear your thoughts when you are all finished. Best of luck!
  9. I've done similar in my hatch area with frost king. I liked it a lot and I'm about to do what you did in the front and add some jute padding. I think it will help a lot with sound, cabin temp. Any home improvement places sell that??
  10. I've personally not seen any of the jute material in the home improvement stores. However, here's the link where I order mine. Pretty decent on price, IMO.
  11. Thanks guys and yes I would love to open the check book and buy the best of the best, but I'm too cheap and like to give things a shot. It seems like what I'm doing will work how I want.

    The padding I got came from a flooring store. $0.85/SF. The peel and seal is under $17/roll. In the end I will probably have a couple hundred dollars into it and a more comfortable cabin.
  12. You can always change up your exhaust to get the right balance. Before I decided to go with the Magnapacks I actually cut off my tails as they turned down over the rear axle. It was the perfect balance of noise with the Flowmasters, but I was still getting the smell in the car like when it had dumps. After my son was born, I did the Magnapacks to have sound with full length exhaust. You'll figure it out, and Im sure you will appreciate the lack of road noise and exhaust smell once you are done.
  13. I had a considerable difference in sound/temp when I did the peel and stick. I did it on the metal and the plastic interior parts too. I don't have that car anymore, but I was concern of what might happen if the foam became saturated where it was attached to metal.
  14. Good to hear Bland.

    95Blue, I run long tubes, off road X and Spintech mufflers. It's fairly loud dumped. I have some videos with tailpipes and it sounded good so I'm hoping it makes the grade.
  15. Just saw the other day a car on craigslist that was a similar paint scheme as yours local and started wondering if you still had the car. Glad to see you do and are working on it, real nice ride. Congrats on the little one, must be a great feeling to be a dad.
  16. Thanks Josh, I think I saw that as also. Never seen that car out in person though.

    Yes being a dad is awesome! As much as I love the car, a lot of what I'm doing is so when he is old enough, I can take him and his friends out to car shows and such. It's some of the best memories I have with my dad and I want my little guy to have the same.
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  17. I will try and snap a couple of photos tomorrow but made some headway the past few nights.

    Carpet is in. Center console is in. Drivers 1/4 panel has padding on the back and in place, just need to get the correct screws to hold it all in. Headliner got padding underneath and installed. Driver and windshield headliner trim and dome light in. Drivers seat is in, however I need one more bolt, and to work on the power to the seat. New black seat belt is in on the drivers side as well.

    Sitting in the car with this much done it feels more sound. Hard to describe it but it's just more comfortable feeling. I need to get the passenger side buttoned up, some more miscellaneous screws and hardware and then decide what to do for the rear seat. As much as I want to get a rear seat and reupholster it, I'm not sure I want to spend that money. I may create a quick rear seat delete with the black carpet I have.
  18. Looks like one heck of an undertaking to sound deaden the whole car. Looks great though! I use that peel and seal stuff on everything too...
  19. It hasn't been too bad yet. Use an hour here and there and I get enough done to feel good.
  20. As she sits now. Got the lower dash trim back in, which has not been in the car for 6+ years.


    Also started to mock up the tailpipes.