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  1. very nice weight reduction, are you going to use some backdoor screen instead of the stock doors???


    Nice work in progress the end result will be awsome, love the cowl hood too!
  2. Got a few pics of the primed parts... and for the guy a while back who told me you shouldnt prime parts outside (not sure where he got that idea from) these are all primed indoors in a shop! Tail pipes are 3" flowmaster pieces to help me clear some big tires plan to put out back.

    5-lug should be started soon. Im thinking next weekend for the front, and then start the rear when the cars in storage!

  3. I love having car parts in my house.
  4. me too, although mine arnt shinny :(
  5. Shiny parts are more fun, at least to look at :banana:

    Need help for any of the 5-lug stuff? I'm down for extra hands if we can match schedules.
  6. That doesnt count as part of the house, we have a finished basement with a shop off to the side and all my car parts are either in the shop or the basement. Nothing (minus my seats) make their way into the nice part of the house!

    As for the 5-lug swap, hands never hurt, and I will definately let you know when Im doing it. Im hoping soon, because my dad and brother want my brakes for the 86 hatch they are building up.
  7. Keep it going and don't give up. It's nice to see people taking their cars to the next level. There's a couple of other Fox Bodies up here in the Northeast that are also in the reconstruction phase and when they hit the streets, it's gonna be cool!
  8. sweet man!

    dave if ur that bored you can come teach me how to hide wires next weekend. I pay in beer, or hard liquor if thats what u prefer....we'll get drunk as we go if that's how you prefer to
  9. noosashop6.jpg


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  10. that's so cool!
  11. Name the price and ill pay pal you for it immediately..

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  12. [​IMG]

    One hundred billlllion dollars!

    Scott, give me a call next week sometime and we'll see how my schedule has lined up for the weekend!
  13. More pics, lowering springs, spindles and such are on up front. Not done by any means, still have to finish cleaning and painting some stuff...

  14. Looking good man, how did the swap go?
  15. Good question, lol. I actually wasnt there for most of it. My brother and dad wanted my brakes for their 86 project so they decided to do it this morning and not tell me. They did one side before I got home, and the other side while I did my school project. I feel bad not being there, but I really didnt have a choice, school came first.

    I am getting the calipers painted this week/weekend, and out in. And then starting on the rear stuff.

    Also to note my lowering springs are in in these pics. Sits a little lower!
  16. Looks good. Is there a chance we might be seing this car around the pike next year? That'd be cool.
  17. love the paint on that last one. 4" cowl all the way :nice:
  18. Oh it will be out.

    I have actually had a lot of positive and negetive comments about the paint. Some like it some dont. Ill throw up my picture of what it should actually look like!
  19. damn, 25th... looks Great!... Keep up the Good work! ive never like a 2 tone color with a color on top and the bottom but yours looks great! im impressed!