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  1. When did you go to black interior?
  2. It's always been black since the paint was done. It's just the red stuff dyed black, black carpet and the seats.
  3. Damn. I haven't seen that car in a while then.
  4. love that car !!!!! what size are the wheels
  5. The smell is terrible. It really never goes away. The exhaust will heat it back up and you get a wif of it.
  6. Wheels are 18x9 with 255/35/18/a out front and 18x10 with 285/35/18s out back.

    Interesting about the smell when it heats up. I will have to keep that in mind if I'm getting close to hot things with it.
  7. About time you're installing the tailpipes!!!

    PS i know you dyed the interior - did you also dye the door panels?
  8. I actually had the tailpipes, sold them to a friend and bought them back.

    The entire interior short of headliner, carpet and seats is red stuff dyed black. Door panels were red, now black. The black dye is very nice stuff. When you respray a piece, it coats so evenly there are no lines, stripes or unevenness. It's no factory black interior, but honestly to me it looks nearly as good.
  9. Nice!!!

    As you know, my interior is still blue. But i'm getting the itch do the swap. If you remember, what stuff did you use to dye it? just whatever from late model or something along those lines?
  10. I used Duplicolor fabric and vinyl dye. I also used their adhesion promotor before it. When I did everything I scuffed it up with scotch pads, then adhesion promotor, followed by a bunch of color coats. It does chip over time, but is beyond simple to just recoat.
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  11. Nice! Maybe this summer, i'll have a project on my hands!
  12. It's not difficult to do. Interior comes out easily, just need black carpet, seats, headliner and seat belts.
  13. Yea, i've had the interior out a few times by now haha :) So its a piece of cake to pull it out and paint and replace!
  14. I've had good luck with the Duplicolor stuff too. It goes on smooth and looks factory with the right prep ;)
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  15. That's been my experience. I'm more happy with how it coats when doing recoat or touch up. No streaks, no spots, it just lays down nice and smooth. It is also a fairly decent match to the original black plastic in our cars.
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  16. Still around?
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  17. I loved this car . This was always one of those " i hope my car be this clean one day " cars for me.
  18. Im curious if he still has it.
  19. Still have the car. Moved to NY so the car is in storage in CT for a while (4-5 years). Only changes have been an SVO leather rear seat (for the kids to ride in it when they get older) and took the dumped spintech mufflers off for an SLP catback. Drove the car a bit last summer, but of course not enough!
  20. Guess you saw my comment on FB . Lol
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