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  1. man that is sweet, when i read black and brown i was like what the hell??? then i saw it, and now i have another reason to ditch the body kit on my car, i think the reason i put it back on was the danm cobra r' it just didn't look right, but please paint the stock hood to i just love a totally stock looking lx with nice paint and wheels
  2. As it sits the stock hood is the one getting painted. If I get the cowl to fit right Im going to use it, if not, the stocker stays till I get a Cervinis or other nice brand!
  3. Got the car back, primed and guide coated. I have to fix the toe in issue, and then put the car in the shop. Then its time to finish up the front brakes, yank the rear, and get the underside of the car all coated. I threw a fender on real quick to get an idea what it is going to sit like, and I am very happy with it. It seems to sit really nice, but not too low that Im screwed with the 18s. Also seems like I have room to play with a spacer up front to get the perfect wheel placement. Glad I went with all 94-95 stuff...

    Dont worry about the rusty nasty rotor, I have the nice ones in the house all ready to go on!

  4. I think your car is going to look beautiful when its done. If you dont mind, i will add my 2 hundreths of a dollar on the stripe issue.

    Im in love with this guys paint... i would have gone a slightly different color up top, but i like how his stripe is fat at the back and gets smaller at the front. I think that would look killer on yours as well.

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    I am a huge fan of doing different things to stangs (as youll see this spring) so ill be watching this thread till the end!
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  6. Looking good. :nice:
  7. Im down for ANY ideas as far as the stripe goes. Im 99% set on the gold/black with a red stripe in the middle, but any suggestions on how big, and any other details Ill definately look at. Im all about different too. My NRC brackets should be here Xmas day, and the Saleen front bumper is sitting in the living room all wrapped up, :D!
  8. Got the car in the shop, front brakes are on and working, and the rear end is out, and going to be drained and cleaned tomorrow. Heater core job also starts tomorrow night!
  9. FarBeyondDriven, your ride looks great, the paint scheme is different, I like a different look. What size and type of rims are those? Great look!!
  10. Glad to hear that 25th... what did you ever decide on with the paint situation ?
  11. Its getting those colors, the pinstripe will be red, but what will actually be done with it will be decided later on!
  12. PICS!!!

    Got the rear out last night, got it torn down, and the 5-lug axles and NRC brackets put on. Then got her painted up, its drying now, might go back in tomorrow? Also including a pic of the Saleen front bumper I got hanging around!

  13. looking good 25th, cant wait to see it painted. Im prepping for paint myself.
  14. Nice, yeah cant wait for that day... The first time she hits the road (going on a year and a half now) with the fresh paint, interior, exterior, suspension pieces and wheels/tires, is going to be a good day for me!!!
  15. badass, keep up the progress pics, I'm loving it
  16. LOL, nice... Id have to think long and hard where to actually put it though, Im going almost 100% badgless and plan to stay that way. Might be unique on the intake though, as I dont have a Cobra sticker on it!
  17. well man i have a ton, alot of differant ones... its not for a mustang, but when my brother handed them to me your the 1st person i thought of.. there plastic so i dont think under the hood would work out that well.. but maybe on a dashboard, or somthing let me know (C OF S its yours)..(not a sales post, 25th only i dont want no PM's about them) i collect them i dont sell them!
  18. Im trying to think of a place to put it. I amd very picky when it comes to stuff on the car and even more so now that its going to look how I want. I have (had, not sure right now, lol) a delete plate under the radio when I added the CD player that might be a good place for it, but I have a stock radio back in there, and Im not 100% sure if the delete plate is still on it. If it is it could be a good place for something like that!

  19. Thats not mine unfortunately :( i found it on here somewhere and i love how its done. i wish i knew who owned it