Progress Thread 25thmustang's Progress Pics

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  1. Wow, that looks really nice. I wish I had the time and money to do my whole interior black.
  2. Great Job 25th... Looks Real Nice!
  3. Thanks guys, Im trying to get the motor done, and the engine bay done in the next day or two!
  4. whats your motive behind this whole shebang? what did your car look like (pics) before the teardown. how did it look as youve been driving it around? you said you were taking the engine apart, what are your plans for it. still gonna use stock parts like your gt-40's and such?

    wheres all this money comeing from? been saving it up?

    great looking progress though. keep it up.
  5. The whole motive was the fact I did not have the money to make more power. I wanted to do something different as the car hasent changed in a few years. I decided to paint the car, and realized I was stuck with a red interior and that hindered the color choices. I then decided to change that and dyed the interior black. In that time I yanked the whole body apart to get ready for paint. Knowing it would have new paint, I decided to create a new look. This meant springs, brakes, wheels/tires, etc... It snowballed into this.

    The motor is apart for a head gasket leak, and to drop the stuff on my other short block. I already had a slightly better honed short block just sitting there, and this is a good time to do it. I also had to do a heater core, and such. OH btw, I have E7 heads not GT40s.

    Now with the motor out I decided to touch up the previously done engine bay. Thats where I sit now, knee deep in body filler and sand paper! Typing this as I wait for it to dry!

    The money is actually not as much as you would think and a lot was saved over the summer time and fall working a lot of hours. Not to mention knowing people who can get me stuff cheap!

    Here are some pics of the before. Car was pretty clean but needed a lot of improving in my eyes. I never liked white, and never liked badges, so it had to change!

  6. Updates...

    Got the motor painted, need to paint the VCs, intake and get the damn timing cover gasket. This engine bay wont be a show stopper, but better than before...

    I spent a couple hours sanding and putting filler on the drivers side. All I need is a layer or two of icing, and some good final sanding before primer. Then the pass side, and get the rest of the bay ready for paint. If ALL goes right theres a weak chance of paint photos tomorrow! :D

  7. Sweeeet!! its coming out awesome! been following since the beginning and i cant wait to see it finally finished! hopefully you get her together and get over to englishtown so i can see it in person!
  8. Thanks,

    as it stands the goal for the car is May 20th. Its the date I graduate college, and really want to drive the car to my graduation! It HAS to be done by July, as I am going to Myrtle Beach for Mustang Week and WILL be driving this car! As far as Etown goes, it is my favorite track and only being 2.5 hours away (on a good traffic day) its the second closest to me! I will be there probably around June, July with the car. Shouldnt go any faster, and might even go slower as I probably added more weight, but did get an AL Flywheel!
  9. me too 25th, I can't wait to see it finished, I love what you have come up with for the scheme...:hail2: not that you need another opinion, but I think the anthracite wheels would look better... :nice:
  10. eahh if u go slower so be it.. its going to look damn fine! Myrtle for mustang week? ive never been there? have you been there in the past? maybe ill make a vacation of it? :rolleyes:
  11. I agree with anthracite and thats whats going on for now...

    I went to MB last year with the sisters 94 GT. It was a blast. GREAT weather, insane cars, good bars and clubs, and 3 of my best friends. Needless to say next year we will know more people, more places, hit the beach more, drink more and have MUCH nicer cars!!! Going to be an amazing time!

    Thanks for the responses guys. I will be posting more pics tomorrow! Maybe painted bay???
  12. New Pics, this is how it is as of 5:00 Wednesday!

  13. I'm 95% sure that me and about 6-7 buddies of mine are gonna cruise down to MB with 25th, its gonna be my first year and I cant wait! Just think, a 9-10 hour cruise with 10-12 stangs, oooohhhhh man!
  14. Everything's looking awesome man. I hope I can see it in person when all of our stuff is done.
  15. hey guys i did a sloped engine bay idea with mine, what do u guys use for the filler? thanks!
  16. progress is looking great. thanks for the reply. why did you decide to use stock partts in the first place? does a cobra intake mani flow better than the explorer? im gonna guess yes. what are the advantages to using stock parts?
  17. let me know if your serious.. because maybe i can convince my girl and some friends to go too and we could meet up and make it a bigger pack??
  18. Yeah its me and 2-3 other cars coming from CT. Then meeting in Jersey with you guys, and then cruise to MB... Needless to say if last year is any precrusor it should be an awesome trip. We are going to let the slow cars pick the fights first and then let the faster cars have their fun... :D

    Thanks for the replys guys. I am just using bondo, and icing over the top of it. I am trying to keep it thin, but I did a nasty job years ago welding, and I am paying for it now. My first body filler job never cracked in those few years, so Im praying it will be alright. I plan to actually do the bay right in a couple years when a new motor gets built.
  19. The reason for stock stuff was half money and half racing. I run in a Factory Stock class and needed to fit into rules. I spent my money to make the stock stuff perform, and had plans to do suspension and lightweight stuff to make this combo really move, but will probably throw a new motor in in a year or two!
  20. Update, pics tomorrow...

    Got a good bit done. Engine bay has been smoothed more, and as far as I plan to go on this time around. Everything was masked and taped and I put the primer down. Got a few more things painted, and got the master cylinder issue figured out, as well as painted. I have a long way to go, but if the gods are shining on me, I lay paint tomorrow!!!

    Cant wait to see the color on inside the engine bay!. I figure 2-3 dry coats, and 2-3 wet coats should do the trick. Then Saturday day I will polish it to get that deep shine!