275/40r17 on stock wheels?

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  1. After going to the track the other night and not being able to hook up on street tires, I decided it was time to go get some dr's. A local shop offered me a good deal on MT ET street radials but I only have the stock 17x8 wheels. Has anyone used 275/40r17 dr's on 17x8 wheels? I only plan on running them for the duration of race season (through Oct) then putting my street tires back on. I have also been told by various people that the Mickey T's hook better than comparable tires. Thanks for any info.
  2. That should be a fine size for the stock rim, you would'nt want to go any bigger than that though.
  3. I just installed some 275/40/17 tires on my stock wheels yesterday. No problems.
    They are not DRs though. But that size does fit.
  4. i have the same size on my stang on a stock rim but their not DR's though
  5. 275 / 40 / 17 DRs are not a good choice for a couple of reasons:

    1. That tire has so little sidewall, you don't get much sidewall "deflection" on hard launches. Since it grips SO well, this is a guaranteed recipe to snap your stock axles - trust me, I've done it.

    2. Since a 17 x 8 is an inch narrower than what the tire mfrs. recommend, the tires will wear out in the middle first. My DRs also suffer from this.

    Instead, I'd get some 15" steel wheels and the 295 / 60 /15 DRs. Otherwise, I'd be happy to sell you my 17 x 8s with BFG 275 / 40 / 17 DRs for $300 . . .
  6. I assume with 31 spline axles I would be ok? Could I lower the tire pressure to keep the middle from wearing out?

    I'm starting to contemplate getting a set of 17x9's to run these on. Has anyone else raced with these on 17x8 rims?

  7. I run about 20 PSI on the street and so far the wear looks good (about 3k miles). I have Nitto's and the fitment on the 8" wheel is good but their tread runs a little more narrow than some others.

  8. With your rwhp, why mess around with the wrong tire / wheel combination? Get some 15 x 10" Weld draglites and the 295 / 50 / 15 DR. If you plan to launch hard, then you'll need 31 spline carrier / axles at minimum. LCAs, 5-way adjustable shocks, welded axle tubes & torque boxes wouldn't hurt either . . .

    Keep in mind, rolling around with DRs on the street and they're good for 5,000 miles max . . .
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  11. bah...i run 315/35 bfg DR's and they still hook with even LESS sidewall than a 40 series tire...DR's sidewalls are not like a street tire, they arent as stiff, so yes they do deflect the launch...the MT DR is the same compound as the BFG, so its not like trying to run an ET street or ET drag....

    you should be fine with those tires...i spray in 1st gear, have HARD launches with no wheelspin and nothing has broken...
  12. I wasn't comfortable putting 275s on 17x8 rims. This goes against what the manufacturer specifies. Minimum rim for a 275 is 9.0 inches. I went ahead and bought 17x9 rims before getting 275+ tires.

    Hundreds of people roll with 275s on 17x8 rims everyday and never have a problem. Just like the hundreds of thousands of Ford Explorer owners who never had problems with their Firestone tires.
  13. Yeah.. But you're a big puss! Who reads manufacturers specs anyways??

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    Where were you yesterday anyway?
  14. I was editing videos of our track day. :)
  15. I know 275/40/17 nitto drags work fine on 17x8 rims :nice: They were Track and street tested when I installed the stock bullets on the fox :nice:
  16. Exactly what I would have suggested....although a set of 295/60/15's are waaaaay to big for his power levels. That's almost 12" wide and 29" tall! :confused: A 275/50/15 on a 15”x8” or 15”x9”wheel would be more than enough to keep your back end planted and at the same time not create so much instability and rolling resistance once you get that Vortech breathing beast moving. :nice:

    Drag Radials although technically street legal, really suck on the street. No good in the rain (regardless of the make) and wear like crazy with daily use. Buy a set of Welds to mount them on and just save them for the days you hit the track. :)