275's on a fox?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by rculjak, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if 275's fit alright on a fox rear, I have a set of 17 by 9" cobra R's, does that size look funny or what?

  2. I have that same size wheel and tire on the rear of my fox and it looks great. Should have no trouble with fit. On the front i am running 245/40/17's on 17x9's.
    Hope this helps.

    Don :nice:
  3. any pics?
  4. 245/45/17 Front.. 275/40/17 Rear..

  5. are those 17 by 9" chrome or polished cobra R's?
  6. They're 17x9 polished Eagle Alloys...
  7. did you have any problems with fitting, did you have to use spacers, my 245's look awfully close to my tailpipes right now.
  8. Is that car lowered? If it is how much and what else is done to the suspension. Looks good by the way!

    Don :nice:
  9. 275's Nittos all the way around on 17x9 Cobra Rs here. Fit the wheel perfect and just barely rub in the front and rear.
  10. Thanks!

    It has Saleen springs and Kenny Brown Trackit brackets on the rear. About 1" front and rear. I'm running Tokico HDs (blues) and the ride is pretty good.
  11. I had to flip the quads and put spacers on the upper quad mount to move the quad away from the shock. It is close to the exhaust but not bad. Exhaust is stock.