$28,000 for an 08 GT. What would you pay?

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  1. Thats what my dealership says. Options include heated seats, IUP, 18 polished wheels and a few others. What do you think?
  2. Whats the MSRP?
  3. $31,065 MSRP. the price I gave was invoice. He will sell 2% on invoice with 1500 rebate and with tax in my area it's about $28,000.
  4. can you post pics of the ride..???
  5. I wish. its at another dealership so it would be dealer trade. Its Alloy Grey with 18 polished wheels no appearance package.
  6. 2 % is a high mark up..It just sounds like its not..Tell him you have been shopping and another dealer will sell it to you for $100 over invoice..Tell the manager that you will send friends and family in to the dealership to buy also...good luck..As a manager, I would take that deal...fwiw, especially in effing february!!!agh its slow now!!
  7. That price, including tax, doesn't sound bad to me.
  8. purchased my GT 3 weeks ago $24600 out the door tax tag and title. $2000 in rebates. sticker was $28,400 ( i think or very close to this)

    with this market you should not be paying over invoice, the dealer are getting kickback ( dealer hold or whatever you want to call it) i would not pay a penny over invoice

  9. Its holdback...And yes, I agree in our market, invoice or under should be no problem, and this advice is coming from a Ford/Saab sales manager...yours truly:nice:
  10. o btw mine car is an 08 not an 07 if you find a new 07 you should get a sick deal on it
  11. My car's sticker was $28,860, I'll walk out on it for about $25,000 plus 20k worth of tax (5k trade in). 08 gt premium with 1k in options, to be delivered in a few weeks.
  12. 31,085. paid 27,218 with no rebates/incentives (last August, Dallas)
  13. Sounds like its optioned pretty similar to mine - I have everything except Nav/Shaker1000 or Ambient lights. Before tax, I paid somewhere in that ballpark, but there were no incentives at the time. I also got mine using X-plan pricing.
  14. stangdude do you have the premier trim with the dark charcoal interior and IUP? That option is the one that has the bezel around the shifter boot and pedals right? The X plan for this car is only $40 difference from the invoice price. How do I know my dealer will sell this under invoice, since he will have do a dealer trade to get it?
  15. If he has to do a dealer trade, you prolly wont get it for invoice..If they have to buy the car from another dealer, and not swap something, they will lose the holdback, and then will prolly charge you $500 + over invoice..good luck
  16. $28,000 out the door seems like a decent deal to me. Is it a screaming deal that you hear about on here somewhat frequently? No, but it's a better deal than a lot of people have done on their 'Stangs (including me). If it's the color/options you want, then go for it and don't worry about the extra $$$ you may be leaving on the table. Then again, I'm the type of person who would rather overpay for exactly what he wants rather than sacrifice my desires for the best deal.

    As an example, I probably paid about $2,000 more than I should have for my car, but my local dealer had it sitting on the lot and it was exactly how I had "build and priced" an S197 on Ford's website for 2 years and I could get the 0% for 72 months financing. If I had worried about the extra $$$, I probably wouldn't be driving any Stang right now. IMHO, that stars had aligned with the right car (color/option package/wheels) and financing deal and I was going to have to pay a little extra for that and 18 months and 23,000 miles later, I don't regret it one second.
  17. $25900 on my 05 GT. Leather, shaker 1000, everything. After I bought it the dealer told me he had a hard time selling it b/c of the color. Glad I like the Legend Lime.
  18. Legend Lime WTF. Love that color.
  19. Yeah, I have those options. X-plan is 4% above A-plan, but I don't know where that falls.
  20. Screw the GT.

    Go the extra few thousand and get a Bullitt.

    That thing will be highly valuable in the near and extended future.