$28,000 for an 08 GT. What would you pay?

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  1. x2...wish they still had it
  2. The A and Z plans are supposedly supposed to be for Ford people, but I dont know who they are limited to.
  3. My 07 was stickered at 32, with ford X plan it brought me down to 26. X plan is 2% below invoice I believe. Still sounds like there's some room to haggle. Thats whats so great about the ford plans, dealer can't rip you off. You have to call ford for a pin number and they have access to the deal. Ford catches a dealer boneing a customer, they fine the piss out of them and redo the deal. 6 grand off of sticker is a good savings. The more expensive a vehicle is, the more you save with the ford plans. On my 01 ranger XL, I only saved 600 bucks with X plan. A dealer will NEVER lose money on a deal no matter what they tell you. When they stop haggling as thier bottom line, give them a couple of days to think about it. If they don't call you, that means they've reached thier limit and thats the best thier going to do or can do before they lose money. They won't let a deal get away if they can do it, but they will play hard ball like your robbing them. It's hard for car salesmen to make a living these days with the consumer being so educated with the internet. I tried it for a year, I know. The dealer makes money, the costumer saves money and the salesmen gets the crappy end of the stick.

  4. X-plan is not 2% under invoice..More like $50-$60 bucks actually before any rebates..A/Z plan is about 3% under invoice...And ur right, it is hard for dealers to make money nowadays..Thats why I have some pretty good volume ladder bonuses for my salespeople, plus Ford gives them spin checks on most models when they sell them..And dealers do lose $$ on a deal every once in a while...We will lose on the trade in down the road, or we will lose on the wholesale piece that comes in that has an unforseen issue with it that we didnt know about..
  5. And the one many people forget - the dealers are paying finance charges on the vehicles on their lot, except in the rare case where the dealer straight up purchases the vehicle from Ford. Not even Ford dealers get 0% financing while it is on their lot.
  6. Ah..forgot about that..any vehicle that is in inventory for more than 60 days(some dealers are have different criteria)..They have to start paying floorplan interest on their cars..That can add up if the car is an older unit..