"28 spline better then 31" says the diesel mechanic

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  1. :shrug: i got into a pretty heated debate over superbowl at my dads house with a ford diesel mechanic.. he was telling me that there is less metal in a 31 spline then the 28 therefore 28 is better. Hmmm...

    this guy also builds circle track cars

    also to back it up there was a chevy parts guy with 20 years experence as a mechanic...

    so what gives?? is there any tech threads about this that i couldnt find to do some IN YO FACE??!!!
  2. true there are more splines but the splines are not as deep in the 31 as the 28's are.

    ask him if a 10 spline clutch is better than a 26 spline. the 26 spline has a much larger shaft diameter.

    see what he says about that
  3. lol they are dumb. It's surface area and pressure applied per spline. There is more pressure per spline on a 28 spline because they have a higher percentage of surface area/spline than a 31 spline axle - thus more pressure is applied to each spline making it more likely to break (if the shafts are made of the same materials of course). So yeah, that guys wrong lol... :nice:
  4. that would not be the first time a ford mechanic has said something wrong. like when a ford mechanic tried to tell me mine had a 5.0 in it. he said something about they put the 5 liter back in for the 40th an lol. i looked at him like :eek: then i should have just proceeded with saying :Zip2: ur wrong lol.
  5. yea If the 31 splines are weaker than a whole crap load of people wasted thier money on upgrading! LMAO I imagine that Ford Engineers tested whether having 28 or 31 teeth on the same size axle is stronger. And I imagine there is a happy medium in there because you don't want to have 100 little teeth because it would just strip.
  6. he also was arguing that "seafoam isnt teh ****" he told me that he uses ATF in the GAS! EWWww
  7. ATF will do the same thing Seafaom does. I used to slowly pour atf into the carb of my old Maverick to help clean things out. Worked like a charm.
  8. ATF is oooold school. There is no need to do that now because fuel additives are SO much better than they used to be. The idea is that the cleaning additives in ATF scrub out carbon and dirt and junk...but personally I wouldn't wanna dump ATF into my gas or oil lol.
  9. alight guys today i was at ford when i was picking up some new plugs (motocraft TR6's BTW) and he walked up to the counter and i mentioned the 31 spline deal and the ford parts guy at wendel is a huge mustang fanatic. (he has a 700+HP fox) ripped him a new one....

    pheeewww... feels good to be right!!! not that i was worried!!

    oh yeah he also put a centrifical clutch in his 07 honda CRF 450 .... ****!!! lol

    you guys rock!
  10. i have 28 spline moser axles and 28 spline eaton posi in my car. i dont remember why i thought it was a good idea to get 28 spline at the time, but i was told it was good for a mostly street car.

    why do moser and eaton even make 28 spline stuff? it is stronger right? just not as strong as 31?
  11. yeah man your right, they are stronger then ford's 28 spline.. ive seen a few people running slicks, built suspention and 400+ HP. on aftermarket 28's with no snappy do dah of dem axles..