289 Oil Pressure Sending Unit Leaks.

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  1. ive removed the unit itself multiple times and put new teflon tape over the threads, still leaks. so i thought the tube coming from the block had worn threads so on my oil change this weekend i replaced the tube. still leaks. am i missing some thing? maybe tighten tighter? in pretty sure it was very tight, maybe i over tightrned? can i remive the sending unit without draing the oil?
  2. you can remove the unit with out changing the oil. is it the unit its self that leaks?
  3. yes its the unit that leaks, right at the threads. maybe put a few more wraps of teflon tape than i originaly put. oil wont come spraying out if i take off the unit? im gonna clean it up and make sure its mot leakung from the block threads also but im almost certain its only from the unit.
  4. Loctite 565
    Thread sealant
  5. only use that, no teflon tape?
  6. only this sealant, no teflon tape?
  7. I wouldn't use Teflon tape for anything, not even water lines, in my opinion. Just use the sealant and you should be cool.
  8. that should do the trick.
  9. Are you sure its really coming from the threads. 99 times out of a hundred they will leak from the seam where the sending unit is crimped together unless theres a tiny crack in the tread area. Or just buy a new ons they are not that expensive.