FE Build 289 Pushrod length

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  1. I ordered some pushrods for my '66 289 and they are about 1/8" shorter than the ones that I have in the motor currently. After doing some research I found out that 63-68 289/302s had a 6.803" length pushrod. '69 and up had a 6.876" pushrod, that seems to be the pushrod I have in my motor right now. I'm going to go ahead and replace all the pushrods but what length should I get?

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    Edit, just realized that it says FE Build and not Engine. I don't know how that happened but can one of the mods please change it?
  2. OK, what year is your engine? That's what matters, because in 69 Ford changed to a stepped rocker stud.
  3. I have a '66 289 motor in my '67 mustang. The mustang was made in October of 66, the heads say 66 on them.
  4. All 289s (even the Hi-Po engines) use the C2OZ-6565-B pushrod that is 6.825" long. The longer 302 pushrods (6.905") were used when Ford shifted the 302 to the longer valves and lengthened rocker-studs.
  5. If you aren't doing a stock build you should really measure for correct pushrod length. I would check it even with a bone stock rebuild. Comp has an adjustable length pushrod for about 20 bucks and they've even done online videos to show you the procedure. Not only could your engine block have been decked, heads could be milled and there just are normal production tolerances that mean every combination of parts is not the same. Part of the fun of doing your own engine assembly is optimizing the parts and getting the engine to function great. You don't have to settle for the "close enough" build quality Ford chose.
  6. + 1 and X10 on what Hack said! Races are won and fun is done, ALL IN THE DETAILS!:nice: Dig in, figure out and OPTIMIZE the particulars. You will amaze and embarrass the folks (smoke them too) who do it by the book/off the shelf, not to mention having an engine that runs like bear for years while the "other guys" tear down every year or two. Doing it right the first time is ALWAYS better, cheaper and easier than doing it wrong, or almost right, several/many times!:bang:
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