2nd Annual Metro Area Mustangs & Fords ALL FORD SHOW!!

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    OK, it is that time again! I have finally been able to work out the rest of the details for the show.

    JUNE 27th, 2004 at Waldorf Ford in Waldorf, MD.

    The gates will open for vehicles at 9am, judging will start at 1pm, and trophies will be announced at 3:30 pm.
    Any club members or otherwise wishing to help set up should be at the dealer around 7am or later.

    Here are the classes:

    1964.5-66 Mustangs
    1967-70 Mustangs
    1971-73 Mustangs
    1974-78 Mustang II's
    1979-86 Mustangs
    1987-93 Mustangs
    1994-98 Mustangs
    1999-Present Mustangs
    SVT Cobra's (all years)
    SVT Lightenings & Harley Davidson trucks
    SVT Contours & Focus'
    Saleen, Steeda, Rouch, and other specialty Mustangs/ Ford Vehicles
    Club Participation Trophy (MAM&F members not eligible)
    Best of Show
    Best Paint
    Best Engine

    1900-42 Ford Vehicles
    1947-50 Ford Vehicles
    1959-60 Ford Vehicles
    1961-70 Ford Vehicles
    1971-80 Ford Vehicles
    1980-Present Ford Vehicles

    Catering by Taste of the South Restaurant in Landover, MD.

    Entry Fee is $15.00 at the gates, $10.00 if you pre-register, and $10.00 to paid club members. No charge for spectators.

    Portion of proceeds will go to a charity to be announced.

    Music will be from a live band, there will be dash plaques to the 1st 50 cars registered. T-shirts will also be available. There will be door prizes given away by the Ford dealer.

    Charles County Sherriff's Dept. will be in attendance with their DARE Mustang and K-9 vehicles.

    For more info, including pre-registering, post here, PM me or go to www.mamandf.com

    This year's Best of Show winner will have a picture mounted on a plaque and displayed in the dealer showroom next to last year's winner!

    Dash plaques and T-shirts will display pictures of last year's Best of Show winner!

    See everyone in June!! :nice: