2nd Mishimoto radiator leaking

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  1. Mishimoto was great about replacing my first leaky radiator, but now the second one i got is leaking again like the first one after only a couple of months. It is a slow leak on the passenger side, just like other people have had issues with. I personally think the solid welds from the crossovers to the side tanks cannot hold up to the constant expanding and retraction with the heating and cooling of the aluminum (which is why the plastic stock ones hold up much better).

    I love the cooling but i am tempted just to go back to stock because i am tired of changing out leaky radiators and don't want to keep paying for shipping on warranty replacements. Anyone tried to have mishimoto refund their money? I bet they will just want to send me a replacement...
  2. The passenger's side of the radiator leaks for everyone 'cause that's a flex point for the chassis. All my radiators have leaked from that side, no matter what the brand. I wonder, if you installed subframe connectors would you keep getting radiator leaks?
  3. i was thinking the same thing,Chythar.my stock radiator has a small leak on the passanger side.when i get stimulated by the IRS,i'll test that idea.i've decided on the mishimoto radiator with a set of BBK sub-frame connectors.
  4. I have this going in next month. I hope I don't have the same issues. I have sub frame connectors and a 4 point cage. I hope its enough to keep the chassis flex from busting the radiator.

  5. I guess the chassis flex is the same principle as my theory about the flexing with heating and cooling...either way i guess the plastic stock one has a little more give than the solid welded aluminum ones.

    I do not have subframes and i drive mine as a daily driver. I have been thinking about subframes for a while, maybe it is time...

    So, anyone tried to get their money back from mishimoto on a return or are they all about giving out replacements?
  6. Fluidynes leak to and they cost $400 so I figured I was not losing out on going with a Mishimoto. I'll post a thread after its in wheather it leaks or not
  7. Hearing about all these aluminum radiators leaking (no matter what brand) makes me glad I am doing fine with a stock replacement, and even more glad I decided against spending the extra coin on upgrading
  8. I hope it does not turn out to be a regret but I have a stock one now that's plugged with radiator stop leak and I don't want to count on that all the time so I figured I might as well upgrade.
  9. Does that stop leak stuff work? I am kinda scared about that junk going through my waterpump, engine block, thermostat, etc. I wouldn't want it plugging up a hole that it shouldn't be.
  10. It worked great. I did it right before I drove the car back from FL so I needed a quick fix b/c I was leaving the next morn when it started leaking. Its held just about a year now, but nothing I want to rely on for a long period of time and Id like it to run as cool as possible and that wont happen w/ the stock radiator.
  11. damn, that sucks... i've been lucky.. hadn't had any issues at all--i've had mine since the group buy and although i've only gotten on the car maybe 10 times since then, it's been running nice and cool.
  12. I'm puting mine in on Friday. I've got subframe connectors on my car. I'll let yall know if anything happens.
  13. thanks Id really like to know, you will have yours in just shy of a month before mine goes in.
  14. Granted I have a vert... but with the 4-point, welded in subframe connectors I had my mishimoto last only weeks before the braze joints cracked with a good bump to the suspension...

    Also failed on teh pass side of the car...

    What do you guys mean that is a flex point?
  15. its just a point at where the chassis will flex when under load. Do you guys that have had them leak run a strut tower brace?
  16. At the time I did not have my STB...
  17. yes, i still had my STB installed
  18. Dont use stop leak, it's no good and will void any warranties you have. The OE Visteon replacement rad is more than enough for your combo unless there's something I'm missing, and the best possible radiator that can go in the car besides the Visteon all aluminum imo :shrug:

    Flyidyne's stink and have a high warranty/failure rate, I don't work in cooling parts any more but I'd imagine these Mishimoto crappers are even worse from what I've seen and heard just on this forum.
  19. well that got us no where :D
  20. I got the Mishimoto in yesterday as stated above. If anything happens... I'll let yall know.

    Again, I have SFC's and STB