Expired 2v 5.4 Intake Spacers Or 5.4 Car Intake

Discussion in 'SN95 WTB/Trade Cars & Parts' started by Gtwo, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. Scratch the spacers, they are garbage, looking for a hps hardballer 5.4 mod intake manifold.
    paypal loaded and my trigger finger is itchy. pm or post your price to 34266
  2. Anybody? I need them bad.
  3. Still looking.
  4. I have a set. They are PP brand and the will allow you to fit a 4.6 intake manifold onto a 5.4 engine. I also have an O/R Bassani X-Pipe that is specific for a 5.4 conversion in a SN.
  5. Well I would like a price for just the spacers, and plus the x pipe. Ship to 34266
  6. Ok, I will get a shipping quote later today.
  7. Thanks alot,I need them badly.
  8. I cant wait, gonna throw in the long block this week, plates by Friday. Should be cruising by next Sunday!!
  9. updated and buuump!!!
  10. Did everything work out for you?
  11. well.....since you asked, no. The plates are warped i believe, I'm about to take them to a machine shop to get surfaced. i've had a hell of a time
    getting them to seal.
    Plus they had one of the coil mounting bolts with a bolt brokeoff in it.

    I really just want the proper intake for the application sooo.....

  12. Well, I sincerely feel bad that it didn't work out. I have never sold a bad item before. Can you please send me some pics so I can see. If they are truly bad then I feel obligated to return your money if you wanna send the plates back to me. I am truly sorry for all this. Let me know before the machine shop alters them.
  13. not sure what im gonna do yet, could just be my junk dorman intake, except the broken bolt you shoulda told me that.
    but i wasnt asking for my money back, just still needing an intake.

    still looking--money ready
  14. Sorry about the broken bolt...but I didn't even know there was a broken bolt in there. I don't remember any of them being broken from when I took them out. I would have taken it out if I was aware of it. No way would I have sent it to you like that. I used the spacers on an aluminum PP intake manifold on top of Patriot Stage 2 heads. In any case, keep me posted...and I hope it all works. Again, sorry...
  15. no biggie,


    somebody has one, you know you could use the extra cash.
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