2V Built Engine!!

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by LastCallRacing, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. I have a built 4.6L 281cid that I am selling.

    Consists of a MMR 800 shortblock:
    04 Cobra block
    Cobra crank
    Manley rods/pistons
    Windage tray
    ARP head studs
    ARP rod bolts

    Also has NPI 2V heads fully ported:
    By Total Performance in Santee, CA.
    flows 217 intake and 195 exhaust @ 28" H2O & 3.552" bore
    Upgraded 1mm oversize Ferrea Valves
    Bronze guides
    Crower stage 2 Blower cams
    Crower valve springs/steel retainers

    Bullitt intake manifold
    Alternator for the Bullitt intake

    Motor has ~5200 miles and runs like new. I am motivated to sell it, so I'm willing to accept a reasonable offer.

    Call if interested or if you have any questions. The motor is still intact in the car right now but I'll be pulling it soon for a new project.

  2. Did you ever sell this engine?
  3. Nope, haha.

    The motor, now over a year later, only has another 500 miles, and I drove it 200+ of that to Knotts for Fabulous Fords show last year.
    Oil pan to Bullitt intake with 3 bolt front cover and tensioner. This engine runs great, and would be a great buy for someone wanting to do a 2V build.

    Shipping will likely be about $500 from west coast to east coast, or pickup from San Diego, CA obviously is free.

    Just took this video last week to show the Novi 2000 set-up it has currently before I start taking things apart.

    YouTube - 1996 Mustang GT w/ Novi 2000

    Been so busy with other projects I just haven't had the time to do anything lately, but looks like a TT 4V GT is on the way, :D
  4. Sold the longblock.

    Still have the Bullitt intake with alternator, EGR tube, coolant tube, cruise and throttle cables and will let go for $1100 for the kit.

    Also still have a complete Bassani headers back exhaust for 96-04 2V, headers, catted X, and catback I'll sell for $1100 as well.

    Siemens Deka 60#/hr EV1 body with Jetronic Connectors for $200....sold

    MSD coil packs (2) for $100.

    Steeda T5/T45 shifter $120

    Built T45, not a stock, internals were completely changed to handle the power it once had $500 with bellhousing.

    Call or PM if anything interests you.
  5. Bump for taking offers on the parts listed above. Send a PM, if the offer is within reason, I just might take it.
  6. Update with new pricing.

    Bullitt intake, complete kit for a 99-04 GT, $900 shipped.

    Bassani complete headers back exhaust, $900 shipped.

    MSD Coil packs, $75 shipped.

    Steeda T5/T45 shifter, $100 shipped.
  7. Do you have pictures of the exhaust system? Are you willing to just sell to just sell the headers?
  8. I would be willing to sell the headers and midpipe together for $600 + shipping. Bassani headers are of a specific length and the midpipe will need to match.

    Here are some pics of the things for sale.


    And the Bullitt intake:
  9. Willing to part with the EGR tube?
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