2v P.i Cam Installation

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by notch351, May 31, 2013.

  1. I just got a set of p.i cams to give a little boost to my non p.i engine for the summer while i do a different engine for a later swap. I have done the head cam swap with the timing cover off before but i have herd you can do it with just removing the cam covers. looked around here a little and couldnt find any info. does anyone know how to do this to cut the time on the install. thanks
  2. You need the afm cam tool
  3. Or find a way to keep the cams from jumping when u remove the gear
  4. now i am assuming that this works by locking one cam in place while replacing the other since the p.i. cams already have the gears on them i can drop one right in at a time and this will keep the crank from moving. any pointers out side of that would be great just a different process want to do my homework. thanks
  5. wasnt sure where to get the tool thanks. now i assume this works by locking one cam in place while replacing the other to keep anything else from moving, since the p.i. cams have there gears on them and can be dropped right in? any pointers outside of this would be great. just want to do my homework being a little different process and all.

    sorry didnt think the above post went on.
  6. never mind above question as i found a link at afm and wouldnt you know dag nabbit. screwed i got a set of cams with the pressed on gears so looks like the long way for me. or has anyone done this with the pressed on cam gears some other way? doesnt look possible with out removing the timing cover
  7. You'll probably have to remove the timing cover, which may not be a bad thing. It'll give you a chance to inspect the chain guides. They tend to wear and get sloppy, so throw some new ones in while you are there. Mine were pretty worn at 170k when I did the swap.
  8. yeah thats a good way to look at is hoping there ok only 90,000 on it. and like i said just a little more juice for the summer gonna start a different power plant this winter.