2v To3v Conversion

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  1. Hi i have a 1997 mustang gt and i was wondering if anyone has any advice on a 2v to 3v convertion. I know logan motorsports does a kit and i guess they make it pretty simple to do. If anyone has any suggestions or opions on not doing it let me know because im kind of new to some of this stuff.
  2. Consider instead bolting on a set of TFS heads on your current shortblock...
  3. 3v swap is very easy, blow by racing did over 400rwhp n/a! All you need are the heads, intake mani, fuel rail and timing cover, valve covers. You can use whatever 4.6 block you can find. You can also buy an entire 3v engine for around a grand nowadays. Its VERY hard getting 400rwhp out of a n/a 4V! But a 3v can do it more easily. You need to put cam lockers on the phasers so they do not move, the stock 2v computer does not have that capability or wiring. You also need to get the logan motorsports kit you already listed. S197 3v cars go low 12's pretty easily, I drove a bone stock 07 gt to a 13.5 a couple months ago, thats not happening on a stock non-pi gt lol.

    Go for it! A 3v swap is way cheaper than a well setup tfs headed 2v, and will make comparable power with just bolt ons/tune.
  4. Thanks man your post really helped. What kind of mods should I do like intake manifold and cams? And I was wondering, I've been ripping apart my car because I don't have a license for 6 momths(3points on my recored=6 month suspention) if the s197 stearing wheel if I use stock airbag will work on my car. I've go the whole interior -the dash and top end of the motor off. Is there any recommendations you'd like to add?
  5. Here's my Logan swap 3v

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  6. See this is the route i want to go just because you do not see a lot of them. Plus its a direct bolt in. Around here i can get a low me 3v cheap. Was that your car in the mag? Or was that just an example of what you have done?

    My 2v still has low miles on it so i have some time!
  7. Bringing back an old one.
    Can the 3v run on a stock tune 2v ECM?

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  8. Next time, just start a new thread, no point in bringing one back from ages ago.

    To answer your question though:

    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: No, the 2V ECM has no way to control the cam phasers on the 3V engine, and even if you lock them in place, the cam grinds, the airflow through the intake and heads, and the ignition timing will all be off, and those problems will be further complicated by any differences in the sensors between the two engines.

    There's no real point in a 3V swap into anything anyway. They're Ford's "LT1" (as in the LT1 from the 1993-1996 Camaro/Firebird, not the recycling of the designation for the third time in the current gen cars or it's original use in the 1960s). They were top dog for all of about five years, and became completely obsolete the second the Cyclone V6s and the Coyote V8s showed up. The aftermarket for them is already slowly drying up to favor the newer engines, and it will eventually reach stepchild or oddball status outside of cars being kept stock for collectability (like the 4th-gen F-body LT1, or Ford's own 351C). Don't get me wrong, I love the 3V, had two cars with it, but the day I beat a 3.7L Mustang by all of a bumper with my 2010 GT, I knew the writing was already on the wall.
  9. The reason I ask is because I bought a car with the swap already done. It's an 04 original 6 with a gt ECM.
    It ran fine till I hooked a tuner up that wasn't married to it, now it is in theft mode so I now need to have it reflashed for the pats. I don't know if it had tuning done to the car.

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  10. If they swapped a 3v in, they probably used a 2005-2010 ECM to make it run.
  11. Nope, it has an 03 gt vert ECM. Fly by wire was swapped out for a cobra tb with cable setup.

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  12. You have pics of this thing? I want to see it.

    Also, doing a Google search for "3v with 2v ecm" (I kid you not, all I typed) revealed that a company named Logan Motorsports did make a tune to run a 3v with a 2v ecm... Unfortunately, their website is down. (Meaning they're probably gone.)

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  14. That's actually pretty clean looking (was picturing a hack job in my mind... which after having seen some crazy chit people have done to their cars, and even drug to me to fix over the years... well, let's just say I was imagining something far crazier than that!).

    I edited my post above with a little info I found... It's not much, but maybe there's another company out there doing the same thing that would be able to help you out. (If someone else here doesn't chime in).
  15. I tried calling them on Friday. No response. It was done fairly well. Ran awesome till this tuner issue.

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