3.08's to 3.73's How big of a difference is it?

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  1. Gears make your car feel like it just underwent a massive weight loss programme.
    Guys here claiming 4/10th's improvment in the 1/4 mile are not off thier rocker, that is very realistic.
    4/10th's in the 1/4mile is like gaining 40hp, or, loosing 400lbs.
    Gears do not make 1st gear useless, and you'll still cruise thru town in 4th, so, there is no 'additional' shifting.
    I went from 3.08's to 3.73's and definatly noticed the acceleration difference. Not only did the car accelerate harder, it did so with less effort. It litterally felt like someone puled significant weight out of the car.
    I then went from 3.73's to 4.10's, and even that difference was very noticable.
    And, no, first gear is not useless.

    You'll like the added mechanical advantage of your 3.73's.
  2. :hail2: Exactly ...... A description like you put up is only obtained through multiple experiences.

    A lack of "normal use" in 1st & 5th gear with 3.55's+ is the reason why the T5Z has the taller 2.95 1st gear and .63 5th gear ratio ... to get "normal" use of shift points back with the gear swap.

    Some of you younger guys that were expecting fireworks to shoot out of the azz end of your cars are just being unrealistic.
    Yes, gears make a difference to acceleration as they are designed to put and keep your engine in it's "sweet spot" more often. You also notice the difference more when you have an engine that makes respectable ponies.

    It's all about manipulating that time and space continuum :)
  3. I have been working on inventing a remote control that can stop, pause and fast forward time while you are not effected.
  4. I had 3.08's i am pretty sure, and i put in 3.73's. I was pretty pleased. you can def expect a nice diff the in 1/4, somewhere around .4 Def something that you will like. First gear is worthless in daily driving but its worth it. I dont think i would go any higher the 3.73's with a 5 speed. Makes driving more fun also. I am going to look into better traction soon, its alot easier to break traction with the gears. also look into rebuilding the trac-lok in the back while you are at it.
  5. :scratch: Maybe it's already been done and that's why we still have people stuck in the 70's :)
  6. Other than the quicker acceleration, I noticed little difference in the way the two gears drive to and from work.
  7. I am the odd ball. After autrocross, open track, and some SCCA Club Racing under my belt many years ago, I still say you have to try it and find what you like.

    After about 10 years with 3.73s in my 1994 Slowbra, I put the 3.08s back in last week. There is no gear that is going to make this bone stock Mustang as fast as most modern V6 minivans. The car is smoother to drive with the 3.08s and more quiet by far on the highway. It's all about what compromises you want to live with.

    I was also one of the poor suckers that bought a 4.6L when they first came out in 1996. I put a 4.10 in that car and absolutely hated it. Not the car or engine, but the character of the 4.10 for daily driving.

    And to throw in irrelevant comparison, the 3.31 in my Ecoboost Mustang is perfect.
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