Bullitt 3.27 to 3.73 change= how much better et.?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by NicksBullitt, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. For those of you with bullitts how many tenths (if any) might I pick up with changing the gears? I hate the stock gears in this car, what was ford thinking? :notnice:

    My father just bought an 03 mach 1 with 3.73s, and my goal is to smoke him....someday. If any of you are in the 12s, N/A post and let me know what you are running. For more info see my post in 4.6l performance forum.
  2. I haven't run my Bullitt at the track yet, but I had a 2000 GT before this one and let me tell you, there is a HUGE difference in SOTP feel with these gears, the car is an absolute rocket coming from a lightly modded GT with stock gears. Get em! Also, the gas mileage is not bad at all with the 3.73, ab23oo rpm's on the highway in fifth.
  3. You guys should try www.imboc.com for any tech questions. there is a lot of info on your car.
  4. SOTP feel is definitely noticeable when going from the stocker rear gear to a slightly more agressive rear gear. My car isnt a bullitt, but my first mod on my GT was swapping in 4.10's and i dropped a solid .2 tenths from about 14.2 @ 97mph bone stock to 14.0 @ about 99mph with stocker street tires. I probably would have dipped into the 13's with just gears now that i know how to drive my car a little better on street tires. Not bad for just a gear swap. Now I have a few bolt ons, so I will never know how i woulda done with just the gears and good driving on my run 'o the mill GT.

    Anyways, I would personally go for the 4.10's, you WILL notice the difference on take off. its like a completely different car IMO. Cruising RPM with 4.10's is about 2,600 at 70mph in 5th gear. 3.73's should be slightly less obviously. Hope this helps in your decision.
  5. I have 4.10's in a 2003 centennial gt. All I can say is WOW! What a difference. Its a rocket .
  6. get 4.10's :D
  7. I'm will everyone else, go with 4.10's. Most people who get 3.73's end up wishing they had gotten 4.10's :D Plus, 4.10's are awesome :nice:
  8. Im new here guys,so be easy on me. Im in the same situation here. Dont like the stock 3.27 in my car. Was gonna go with 3.73 but seeing how everyone is saying go with 4.10's. I may go with 4.10's. I cant find out what the rearend size is in the car. I just bought it about amonth ago. Does anyone know what size it is? 7.5 or 8.8 ? What other parts do I need to change it out to 4.10's? Can someone try and help me out here please.
  9. Definitely go with 4.10's. I''ve seen people pick up as much as .4 in the 1/4 miles running with 4.10's.. Get 3.73's if you do lots of highway driving and hardly ever run your car at the track. If your gonna be running your car alot though you should pick the 4.10's.. I've had both and the 4.10's own the 3.73's!
  10. I am not gonna race the car,just street riding and highway too. So 3.73 are better for this? Why are the 3.73 better for highway use? Lower RPM's? I thought 4.10's were good just all around?