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  1. I bought my 2012 V6 Premium May 6 based on love at first site rather than sitting down and picking options. I had no idea what the car had on it other than what I could see as I looked at it and as I test drove it. Its AC wasn't automatic, it didn't have the electric passenger seat. OK. I could live with that. It did have 18-inch wheels which I really liked. They went really well with the black color of the car. Like I'LL TAKE IT AS IS!

    Because of my lack of checking out the options, I missed one option that I wished I had. That's the performance package, in particular the 3.31 rear. I would never have the 19-inch "summer only" wheels since I am not gonna be having to change tires every season. Now my question:

    1) Could I have opted for the 3.31 rear only without the 19-inchers?
    2) In normal driving, is there a noticeable difference in the car's spunk with the 3.31? Since I don't race, would it have been a wasted option for me?

    I'm not really having buyer's remorse 7 months after the fact. I am just wondering if I really missed out on anything super cool in my buying decision haste. :shrug:
  2. Yeah, getting the 3.31 is something we all want to have, but shouldn't have if we use our stangs as daily drivers. Losing the gas mileage feels minor compared to a more peppy car, but yes, you should stick with the stock diff if you don't race. Sorry to the bearer of bad news, lol.

    Not sure about your other question regarding 19s in the performance package.

    I really wish I could get into a 2012 V6 for that extra power and gas mileage savings though.
  3. i have a 12' kona blue performance package 6spd, the PP is totally worth the money, upgraded breaks, suspension, rims rear gears, strut tower brace, handles awesome, and is quick off the line, add a tuner and you've got a nasty 6. and you could have ordered the 3.31 gears w/o the 19" rims, the car i test drove on the lot had the base rims no PP and 3.31 gears as an option, i would have bought that but it was yellow which i'm not into
  4. forgot to mention as an extra option the 3.31 would def. not be a wasted option, it's cheaper to add it when youre ordering you're car at only $335 i believe than it is to put them in later at a cost of about $500 after labor, i get about 23-25 avg mpg with my setup hope this helps you.
  5. Thanks for the input. I don't spend much time regretting what I have...I really love the car and will on occasion dig into the gas pedal. The result is quite pleasing and I walk away wanting nothing more. BTW, I have yet to go WOT and probably never will.

    I bought new Crown Vic Sports (2003 and 2006) with the higher ratio rear (3.27 vs. 2.73) and didn't notice a whole lot of difference compared to the standard Vics or Grand Marquis I would lease. I just liked knowing that I had the "cool" rear.
  6. My personal opinion, from personal experience and thought, is that WOTing is good for your car. At least for a mustang and other cars with decent engines. I don't think it would be as good for cheaper 4 bangers and the such.

    I had driven my grandmothers crown vic one day, and blew the intake on it when I floored it to see what kind of balls it had. First car I had gotten to drive with a V8. :) I doubt it had ever been given anything over 1/4 throttle in it's entire 60,000 mile life.

    I floor my 05 v6 mustang at least once a week, if not more. I have hit 100mph dozens of times over the years and even the speed limiter a few times too. It's got 92,000 miles on it and I haven't had anything go wrong yet.

    I believe in sayings like, "If you want to run it rough, break it in rough." and "Flooring it blows the carbon out.". Whether they're true or not, I don't know for sure. But that's just my feelings and thoughts currently. ;)
  7. LOL about the blown intake. Poor granny. I hope you fixed it for her!

    I have my eyes set on a 2014 GT. I'm basically a V8 guy and would be 100% happy with the V8 vs. 98% happy like I am with the V6 if for no other reason than the sound. I like the way Ford has tuned the V6 duals, but it they are in no way thrilling like the V8.

    A 2013 is out of the question. They have totally screwed up the front end. :nonono:
  8. I too would drive a V8 for the sound alone, lol
  9. :bs:
  10. i have a 2010 Kona Blue V6 with 5 speed , 3.31 with 18 inch wheels.
    i like it and it is peppy ..i get 20 mpg city and 27 mpg hwy