$3-$4 a Gallon for Premium Gas + 18 mpg Mustang

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  1. The more you post the more I have to think you are some kind of wacko. I used to think you might have a point about somethings. But I am now being forced to believe you are just babbling. You are very narrow minded and opinionated. To an odd extreme. I wish we could have a decent discussion. But unfortunately you believe you are right and everyone else is wrong. And I grow tired of it for tonight. Have a good night.

  2. Genius!

    Way to pull that whole "do what we say or you are our mortal enemies" thing. Just because I don't feel running into a country guns first without the support of the international community isn't the smartest response to terrorist attacks by groups that don't even specifically come from any one country is the smartest response doesn't mean i'm your enemy. I don't want you dead, france doesn't either, nor anyone else that didn't support the invasion of iraq. hell, even most "towel heads" don't want you dead either jeremy. You gotta stop saying you're either 100% with us or 100% against us.
    Its really weird how you go an say how much you hate arabs, and then go on to support your war which is supposed to be liberating these people. i thought you felt that all arabs are inherently evil.
  3. You finally figured it out. He's an idiot.
  4. Hey SVTdriver,

    I NEVER said that all Arabs are inherently evil. What I said in one of my older posts in here was that "Not all Muslims are Terrorists, but that ALL Terrorists are Muslims". Get that thru your heads. If this weren't true, there would never had been a September 11th in this country and we wouldn't be in $hithole Arab countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. I am just talking about the Muslims in here. Don't mix them up with anyone else or any other group of people. And for your information, it wasn't 16 Swedes who hijacked the airliners on September 11th. It was 16 Muslim Terrorists from different parts of the Arab Muslim world. Is this too hard for you to figure out?

    And GaPonyFarm,

    you make no sense by calling me an idiot. You sound like all the other left wing liberals in this country who want to make a good case about being against the war in Iraq and against all the security measures which George W. Bush is doing in this country to prevent the Muslim towelheads from committing another September 11th. It's people like you in this country who are a threat to the United States. Why don't you move to Iraq or Afghanistan where you can side with the terrorists. Because that's what you are doing by being against what President Bush is doing to protect America. You are certainly not a true American by calling me an idiot and telling me that I am wrong about everything that I am saying in here. If you are a left wing liberal and/or a pacifist, you should be ashamed of being an American. You aren't an American at all. It's you who is the idiot. Not me. Get this thru your head.

    And by the way, do you also wear a towel around your head? From your anti-American comments and sentiments in here, it sure looks like that. :owned:
  5. Can the moderators please set up a new "Ron Jeremy Political Rant" forum where all his posts can automatically be redirected. I am really tired of having to sift through these posts to find forum-relevent information.

    And Ron, before you reply and call me a towelhead loving-terrorist supporting-pinko-leftist-radical-traitor, I am a republican and I listen to Sean Hannity every day. Also, I know several top people inside the Bush administration, and I don't think that they feel your style of endorsements are very helpful to their efforts to be perceived as rational moderates to those here and abroad who don't like them to begin with. :flag:

    Now, can someone please talk about cars in here?
  6. Hey Kpc203,

    Maybe I have taken everything a little bit overboard in here. If you are a Republican, then I am sorry to have offended you. But if you are a Republican, why don't you have the same views as I do? I am a Republican too. What I don't understand from you in here is WHY you are not thinking the same way as I am if you are a Republican? I would think that if you are a Republican that you would be more conservative than you are. Again, I am sorry. I didn't know that you were a Republican like me. You sure don't come across like a Republican in here. Hehehe. :D

    I think that Bush is doing an EXCELLENT job protecting America and Americans from the towelheads. I would like to see him kick some more Muslim a$$ in this country and abroad. We need to stop the Muslim terrorists from killing innocent people. I support the military and what Bush is doing in Iraq, Afghanistan and in other Muslim terrorist countries to stop terrorism. I think that he is doing an excellent job all over the place.

    By the way, I listen to Sean Hannity too. I also listen to Bill O'Rielly. Both of these guys are the balls! They say things the way they should be said. And they don't beat around the bush. I also listen to the Laura Ingraham Show every night. All these conservative radio talk show hosts are excellent. These talk show hosts are trying to make Americans aware of what the liberals are trying to do to ruin America's fight against terrorism.

    I also like Pat Buchanan. I think that Bush and Pat Buchanan should team up and both kick some liberal and Muslim a$$ and clean house. There are too many left wing liberal traitors in this country. We need more conservatives and more conservative agendas in America. The left wing socialists have raped our American Constitution and they have destroyed our country. We need to take America back before the socialists get a hold of it. It's really nice to know that there's another Republican in here who's supporting the fight against terrorism. Again, I'm sorry for thinking that you were anti-American. I hope that you can understand that I am a Federalist and a Constitutionalist. I don't like the liberals in this country who are ruining America and who are creating all the socialist left wing agendas. I just wanted to explain myself in here. I love my country and I want to see all true Americans and America prosper. I don't want to see this country become a socialist country and I don't want this country to become over-run by left wing liberals. The left wing liberals are a big threat to the United States and to the security of our country. I hope that you can understand this. Have a nice day and keep the peace brother. :nice:
  7. Ron,

    Some of what your saying makes sense from a conservative repulican point of view. However, you are coming across like a racist. You can't simply say its all 'ragheads' faults and the only terrorists in the world are of that race. Its simply not true. It IS true that there is a much higher / capita terrorism in those arab nations but that is no justification for noting their whole race as a bunch of thug terrorists.

    I do agree Bush has handled the situations the best i think any president really could. Its a shame the news media has the power to literally destroy a person.

  8. Man there have been a lot of posts since last night. I like the new look of the forum.

    I agree with the "Ron Jeremy Political Rant" forum idea. His last 4 pages of posts or so have been the same hatfull, repetitive bull'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'znit. He has also succeded in degenerating this thread into nothing more than a pro Bush/anti Muslim political rant. From the stupidity of his rants, I can only infer that he is in fact a mental patient or just trying to provoke a response out of people.

    I for one, will ignore him from now on. I recommend you all do the same. :D
  9. I am not hateful or trying to provoke a political rant in here. The topic of this post is about the high cost of gasoline prices right? Well, I just posted some of the reasons WHY we have high gasoline prices. And all the reasons which I mentioned and posted in here are related to the Arabs and to the Arab Muslim world and to Arab Muslim politics. You can beleive me or you can have your own opinion about this. It's up to you. You are free to beleive whatever you want.

    But I only posted the things which I myself beleive in that are related to WHY the oil prices are so high. Terrorism, Sept 11th, OPEC, the war on terrorism in Iraq and in Afghanistan and the instability of the Muslim Arab world governments are the MAIN reasons. These are all in my posts and are all related with one another and with this topic. If my posts have become political, they have become political because this is really a political topic. The topic ($3-$4 a Gallon For Premuim Gasoline) is definitely RELATED to some form of politics, whether it's American politics or Arab politics. I hope that you understand this. I am in no way trying to go off the subject on this topic. I was just trying to make everyone in here aware of WHY the gasoline prices are so high. I had a very good reason to have mentioned all the things in here that are related with this topic, whether they were political or not. Take it or leave it. I just wanted to clear things up so you can understand this. I have a right just like everybody else in here to voice my opinions about this particular topic relating to the "$3-$4 a Gallon for Premuim Gasoline".
  10. Ron let me correct a few facts for you. 1: There were 19 not 16 highjackers. 2: Reports put 15 of them born in Saudi and the it seems the rest born in United Arab Emirates. Of course we haven't invaded those countries yet. I never said it was anything but muslims terrorists who commited 9-11 (Stay with the program). I merely said that I did not believe ANY terrorists should be stopped. Or are you saying we should wait for them to attack us before we deal with them? You are against them taking American lives. Yet you don't want to be proactive in hunting them down. You want to be reactive. I guess you don't want to fully read my posts since you seem to believe I don't know the 9-11 terrorists were muslims. But you are incorrect. I do my research. I check out my facts before posting. Where did I ever suggest they were not muslim extremists? Show me where I said that before trying to tell me I don't think they were. Just one example. That's all I ask for. Not your interpretation of what I've said. But my actual statement that they were not muslim.
  11. svtdriver,

    i agree with your totally about your last point. We should be going after all terrorists no matter what country they are in. I think we are doing just that its just that the media focuses on any and every failure overseas and they simply do not show the whole picture about our 'war on terrorism'.

  12. I don't think he's an idiot. I just think that he doesn't want to listen to anyone else's opinions. And he proves it buying saying I'm going off topic. When I am following the whole muslim terrorist thing. He has unfortunately become convinced that he is right and everyone else who might disagree with him is wrong. And that anyone who disagrees with him is an idiot. But I'm willing to think he may have altzheimer's since he can't remember my posts seconds after reading them.

  13. One of Ron's latest and greatest:

    "Not all Muslims are Terrorists, but that ALL Terrorists are Muslims"

    What about Timothy McVeigh? He was a white anglo saxon protestant, gulf war veteran. He, and his buddies, perpetrated one of the worst terrorist attacks in American History.

    What about all the British civillians that died as a result of IRA bombings? Not many Muslims in that organization last I checked.

    Tokyo subway gas attack back in '95? Ring any bells, Ron? There is a pattern developing here.

    Ever heard of Kach or Kahane Chai? In February 1994, after the signing of the Oslo peace accords between Israel and the PLO, Baruch Goldstein, a Kach supporter, opened fire with a machine gun inside the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron. He killed 29 people and wounded dozens more before he was himself killed.

    What faith do you suppose this guy subscribes to? I could go on but I fear that if my point isn't painfully obvious by now, why bother?

    No, Ron isn't an idiot. He's a 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'ING idiot!
  14. You do realize that he's going to tell you. That you are off-topic. Just like he did to me. And that the muslim terrorists were behind 9-11 and they are the ones we should be going after. OH MAN now I'm starting to talk like him.
  15. Pat Buchanan and George Bush's views are incompatible. Pat is an isolationist and believes in a balanced budget. Bush is basically the opposite.
  16. But my post is not off topic. It is on topic. Because on topic is what it is. Not off topic. Off topic is what it isn't. Please don't mix this up with something that is off topic, which it isn't. You have to see this. If you can't see this there must be something wrong with you... :D
  17. LOL as soon as I saw the topic of this thread I knew it was gonna head in this direction. :D
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