$3-$4 a Gallon for Premium Gas + 18 mpg Mustang

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by GM Dude, Mar 7, 2004.

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  1. Why does your 3.1 Grand Prix get such lousy mileage? I rented a 3.4 liter Grand Am last week and averaged 30 mpg over 600 interstate miles.
  2. The LS-1 IS the Corvette engine and it IS the Camaro/Firebird engine. GTO, too. My LT-1 is getting 29 MPG on the highway, and it is a (very) slightly less efficient engine than the LS-1. (actually almost the same but cast iron vs the LS-1's aluminum). 30 should be easy with a 6-speed and tall RE gears.
  3. Just bought my wife a new Durango with the Hemi........ 13 mpg city, 18 highway....... ouch..... We are averaging about $1.80 for prem. in Atlanta.
  4. Does the LS-1 & LT-1 use regular ( 87 octane ) or premium ( 91 octane ) ?
  5. Gas won't be that high. The highest it got around here in the last 2-3 years was like 3.00 for premium. I don't think it will even get that high this summer.

    Can't the mustang run on regular anyway?
  6. I think they use premium because of the compression.
  7. The only reason the gas mileage is marketedly good on an ls1 is because it has a 6 speed with higher / taller 5th and 6th gears. If you put a 6 speed in a GT it would have even better gas mileage than any ls1. It would also feel sluggish with the lackluster gear ratios.


  8. $4.50/gal? Oh dear lord. That's still over $3.30/gal USD. Eek. I have to put premium in my Audi, and that's gonna be costly when I go up to Canada this summer for a few days. Guess I better fuel up in Maine before I cross over then. Do you know what the cost is like in PEI?

    Around here (southeast PA), I'm paying about $1.79/gal for Sunoco 94 Ultra (my car only ever sees Sunoco 93 or 94!) I'm not keen on paying double that! $70 to fill the tank is obscene!
  9. I hate to admit it but bring the SVO back. Iron Block 4cyl. with a nice turbo and you're looking at 300hp. Hell, you have SRT-4s doing that now with stage 3 upgrades. You have Civics pushing 300+ fwhp (granted it's a different engine than stock) but it's a 4 banger that gets 30mpg+. The STI and EVOs are there and they have 4 cylinders. You don't really need a V-8 to get hp. That V-8 is there for sound and displacement. Keep the 4-banger RWD and toss some nice gears in it and I'm sure you'll find a happy median.
  10. You know, if gas prices do skyrocket like that, which yeah they may get to over $2 again but $3-4 may be pushing it, but then again they pay that in Europe, Asia, etc. They wont lower the prices of the Mustang or raise the price, they will just build less gas guzzlers and build more economic cars, like the Focus, and Honda will be busy building Civics. Ford and any other company will not mass produce something they can't sell. If gas prices skyrocket, I will not run out to buy a Mustang even if they lower the price of the car. Altough they claim the new engine, and this is all rumors of heard, will have a 25+MPG, so who the heck knows what will happen.
  11. Um you're missing the point entirely. The initial post in this thread obviously refered to stock fuel economy of the new stang. And given my cars are/were next to stock (as even you pointed out), they're relevant to this discussion. So why would you bring a modifed H/C etc. LS1 into the equation? :bang:.. makes no sense for you to do so...

    Oh and what are you on about?.. "awesome performer"? Seems to be 345-350 HP crank with said fuel economy is pretty awesome for a stocker.
  12. No, he says quite cleary that all V-8 will be hurt by a fuel price increase. He also mention his grand prix. The only mention of the new stang is that its sales may be hurt as well. Not to offend you or nothing, but I don't think its wrong for people to discuss those things on here.
  13. http://www.garnetknight.com/gas/locations.php
    When you are ready to go...click on this link and find the city you are driving to (and the ones you may need to fill up in) this link gives the cost for regular. Premium around here is usually about 7 cents more and you need 3.8 litres for 1 US galon. Then the last thing is to do the currentcy conversion.
  14. I think the new engine in the Mustang will be more fuel efficient than the previous. I hope so anyway. Either way, it will not deter ME from buying one.
  15. Heh.. Not offended... it's just bollocks for someone to start talking about modified cars :).
  16. A 300HP Turbo 4 cyl. gets worse gas Milage than a V8 and puts out less power. Why would someone want that in a Mustang. Go to http://www.fueleconomy.gov and you can see what every car gets.

    STI = 18/24
    Z28 = 19/28
  17. Great, America will soon be :owned: by fuel efficient ricers :notnice: this sucks
  18. Too Late:doh:
  19. Just think about what people would be saying now if Ford had announced a 5000 run anniversary issue of the SVO in a 300HP Turbo I4 or Turbo I5 (Volvo) configuration for 2004 1/2.

    Even in the old body style and priced at 26 or 27K my guess would be a sell out of such a car before it even started production, and higher order percentage stats than even the 2005 V6 until it was sold out if both came available to order on the same day.

  20. Actually, according to current free trade agreements, Canada is not allowed to sell gas at lower rates domestically than what it is sold the US, then taxes are added. It has been that way since the agreement was signed years ago (THANK YOU BRIAN MULROONY!).
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